Your 60,000 thoughts per day

how to think through your problems


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2023

60,000. That’s how many thoughts you have each day. [reference]

& things that are top of mind are constantly being solved by your brain through these 60,000 thoughts, including your problems

Today I want to dive deeper into what I believe for many will be a new thought about how we use our 60,000 daily thoughts.

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Top of mind

Our brain may have 60,000 thoughts each day, but 90% of them are repetitive ones. The top-of-mind thoughts really do stay there, at the top of your mind.

This means that your brain isn’t yet done with the things that subconsciously seem to matter to you, so it repeats the most important thoughts (in your perception).

I believe this to be an awesome benefit because we can define what matters to us subconsciously as we ask the hard questions & ponder on them, ending up with real answers.

Then upon more clearly defining what matters to us, we can put our brains to work to solve our most pressing problems on autopilot, tinkering & thinking away as we go through our day.

Asking questions like “What do I actually want out of life?”or “Does this actually matter to me” & putting those types of prompts into your brain’s 60,000+ thoughts it has each day will do more for you than ChatGPT could ever.


Thinking through your problems

Most people watch the news full of death & sorrow, every single day. How do you think this may impact your 60,000 thoughts? prompting it with such content?

If I had to guess: not in a positive way. The same goes for anything that may interfere with what really matters to you when you process the questions I prompted above.

Thinking through your problems is not an easy thing, not is it hard, it is just a thing you can do if you want to.

All you must do is try, try to think about what matters to you, & solve THOSE problems as a priority by letting your subconscious remember what matters to you most.

Yes, you will still need to think through hard problems, in the shower, you may find an answer to something you’ve been thinking about.

Well, you’ve probably already experienced this, but now if you’re thinking about things that actually matter to you in the long term as opposed to more rotten less meaningful mini-dramas you will find real & valuable long-term answers to many problems you were too worried to think about before.

because we’re always thinking through our problems, we just don’t reap the rewards of long-term meaningful solutions because our problems seem to be subconsciously shallow.

Today is short

This newsletter is shorter than usual, with the extra time now I ask you to think about the questions I prompted earlier, or at least to put them into your 60,000 thoughts per day machine.

The prompts for you (Not for ChatGPT)
- What do you want out of life
- What actually matters most to you
 Bonus Q
- What can you DO daily to guide yourself toward reaching the answers you’ve outlined

I bring up these questions often because I believe they have been key for me to get where I am, & I constantly check in on them too.

For freedom, for a better life, for a life, I actually want to live.


thank you so much for reading,
from my mom’s basement,
your friend,
jack ♠️

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