YOU were built to create cool s**t

and I wrote a book to help you... (OUT NOW!)


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2023

You were built to create cool s**t. yes, you.

this is an awakening call for you my friend.

Do you think you were only built to scroll on tiktok all day? To consume to no end? Or do you think something must be missing?

Something is missing. Your creations. Below is the first chapter of my book “You were built to create cool s**t.” in it’s entirety, for absolutely free.

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A little while back in the time of cavemen and cavewoman, humans smashed rocks against rocks to showcase their brain power. Now (some years later), here we are–here you are–existing today in a wonderous world full of creation.

For a second, let’s imagine that you weren’t here today but instead you were born two-point-five million years ago. As you wake up on the cold, hard, dirt ground you sense something happening near your feet. Is it a lion? Is it your tribe leader coming to bonk you over the head with a rock? Is it rainwater seeping closer to your naked body? Well, I can tell you one thing: it’s certainly not a sunny side up breakfast in bed. In this reality, you wouldn’t be hoping for bacon and eggs, or pancakes, rather you'd be hoping for anything, as long as it’s not nothing.

Today things are much different. You can pull out your phone, click four buttons, and your food is on its way to your doorstep. You don’t have to talk to another human or walk more than 30 steps. Your delivery driver is less than an hour away at any time, completely at your disposal.

How did we get here? Well, all of this came from someone somewhere using their creation abilities. Time crawled and along the line of time improvements were made, things were created, we continued on this path, and that’s how we got to where we are today: to a world where you can create in abundance, where the possibilities are only expanding.

Although what we have today is advanced in comparison to two million years ago, let's be honest: you don’t have to go back a million years to view today as advanced. The things we create on a daily basis today would have been thought of as witchcraft just in the prior century alone. Yet living today, with the world containing more creations than ever before, many humans are still afraid to create things, to even try. Why is this?

Because humans are distracted and stuck. Stuck in consuming more than they create. Not just sometimes, but all the time. Without acknowledging how things are, how can we ever hope to change them for the better? How can we as humans harness our creative powers and, create some more cool s**t?

Now, you may be thinking something along the lines of “I can’t create stuff; I’m not the creative type” or another lie in a similar fashion. Self deceit will do you little good. If you really think about it, deep down you know that you can create things, you know you have creative ability, and you know you’ve been denying yourself from using such abilities for far too long. Creating things is very simple: To bring something into being. Gardening for creating crops, cooking for creating a meal, calling your mom for creating a connection, painting for creating art, management for creating order, creating love in a family or a relationship, creating questions to move yourself forward. Creation is framed, and deeply imbued in everything we do. Another thing about creation is that it mustn't always be an artform, but all creations have a form of artistry inside them. You are the artist of your world.

Everyday people just like you have been creating things for centuries, millennia even. 

A guy down the street (from someone) invented the basics of rocket propulsion and space travel. Someone’s best friend created the internet. A random kid grew up and then created the iPhone. Your mom created you – need I give any better examples of creation? The list goes on and by the end of this book, you’ll know better how you’re an important part of it too.

Here we are: it’s astonishing to even exist, never mind at this point in time: when creation is at its peak. We’ve never known more than we know now as humans and the reason anything is anything is because someone somewhere used their given creation abilities to make it so.

You may remember a feeling of true wonder and creation as a kid, but after a certain point in adolescence most of us seem to leave our key creation senses behind: our senses of wonder, curiosity, imagination… are all often flushed away by the idea that we should “grow up” and stop dreaming: “get your head out of the clouds jimmy!”.

These elements are crucial for creation, and creation is what got us this far: to an age where many of your friends can be people you’ve never actually met, to a time where you can fall asleep in one country and wake up in another a few hours later, and to a world where each individual holds the power to craft something of profound significance that enriches the lives of themselves and countless others. To this tune, we are in a world, a world of endless possibility. ♪ ♫ 

“I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach… Endless possibility” – Sonic in Sonic Colors

Luckily enough, as the title of this book suggests: as you exist, and as you are human, you are built to create things. So, no matter if you feel you have indeed lost these adolescent senses, you won't have to dig too deep to find them again. All you really have to do to get them back is to start creating something, anything… which shouldn’t be too hard because you know… cough cough… the title of this book… you were… built to create.

Rediscovering your long-lost creative senses is a matter of looking inside yourself. Looking inside to shine light on your genuine curiosities. Don’t worry, we will discuss curiosity in plenty of depth in the pages to come.

What the heck does all of this mean? It’s true that this book may feel abstract or far out at times. Well not even may: it will. And it will be until you experience the process of creation for yourself. It will be until you get lost in your own craft and curiosities because your own first-hand experience will be the best vessel to understand the words I’ve written here. Therefore, you will have to actually go and create things, not just read this book. If this book makes you create something, then I’ve done my job here well.

When someone is focused on creating something, they are in another part of reality; one where in the current moment, nothing else exists. The only thing that exists is the creation and the process of such. Anything outside of this is not just pushed to the side of the brain, but as far as the creator is concerned, for the time being, it doesn't even exist in their brain: almost like it's been temporarily erased. Creation briefly puts you off the map of reality to create new realities.

Of course, creation is not a mental disease. It won't hinder your memory, but there's not really a better way to describe the surreal feeling of focus while in a creative state. Consumption for most people is where their idle time lies and unfortunately, it's where most of their focus lies. This book aims to help weigh the scale towards creation, because yes: today most humans are overfed on consumption and severely lacking in creation nutrients. Why do I want to tip the creation scales you might ask? Well, where we are today, it is only thanks to the people who chose to create even when they could have very well chosen not to.

If there is a key feature in a path toward fulfillment, it is not found in consumption, but in creation. We all create in different ways, we are all curious about different things, and we can all choose to create, even though we don’t need to in order to survive. In the end, however, those who choose to create end up crafting the future in which we will soon live. Don’t you want to be a part of that? Or at least your own future?

Throughout this book I will take you through examples of creators, how they benefited from using their natural gifts (that you have too) and how all of society has also benefited from their choices to create. Not every creator must change the world, but every creation does change someone's world [view].

My aim here is to convince you of course, that you will benefit from creating things and following your curiosities, whatever they may be. I will do my best to show you many pathways that others have taken so you can best create your own. 

For the sake of things other than money, like the well-being of yourself and those around you, creation is a superpower that the world needs more people to utilize. I can’t say that there is one moment my brain realized that this was a path forward for us humans, but I can tell you this: every day that you create something you will become a slightly better version of yourself and in the process increase the net consciousness of the earth beneath your feet. All of us humans have this choice, to create (or not to)

Creating stuff allows us as humans to:

  • experiment with what we enjoy

  • explore our curiosities and the world around us

  • figure out what we enjoy most

  • improve at what we enjoy

  • share our findings, lessons and work with others

  • find out what works

  • find out what doesn’t work

and complete all of the above with immense speed when compared to the speed it would take if we were just theorizing everything or stuck wondering “what if”.

It’s not hard to create things either, especially when you are following your genuine curiosities. You’re probably already doing it in some sense and this book will help you find out what you need to stop doing and more importantly what you need to focus on in order to embrace the natural human abilities that you were built to use but sparingly do.

Before we dive any deeper into this book, I want to make it known that I am not trying to make you into anything that you are not. Rather I am simply expressing my own thoughts that hopefully trigger your brain into a state of thought too.

That is to say that I am only trying to get you to ask questions about yourself, to yourself. So you can see parts of yourself that you either haven’t considered before, or have long forgotten. 

If you feel that any part of my book does not ring true to you and your gut instincts: then it may be so that you are right, for I am just a human like you with many faults. You may also find out for yourself that you are wrong. Either way: wrong or right, it does not matter. What matters more is you allowing yourself to be a vessel for finding your own truth.

So, you may create great big things, you may create small things, you may create things that are not things at all, it does not matter. I only ask that you read this book acknowledging the notion that you have a choice: the choice to participate in the world, and the chance to add something uniquely you to it. This choice is simple: to create, or not to create.

Most of what you read will be my own experiences; almost all of it. Please note that I don’t have all of life figured out. The two kinds of people who do are known as liars and fools. I do have a curious feeling inside of me that has guided me to write this book. And honestly, I think that’s enough to warrant one, two or maybe even three people reading it. So if you’re reading this, thank you. I only hope I can repay the favor by sparking some of your curiosity while reading the contents to come. 

Enough jibber jabber, let’s get at ‘er (something my dad says from time to time).


what you just read is from my first ever book “You were built to create cool s**t”, and as of today…

If you can’t afford the book, or have any questions: feel free to email me by replying to this.

You can buy the book here


It’s been a wild last 6 months putting my first book together, if you read this email I just want to thank you for reading any of my emails and being here, it means the world.

thank you my friend,
your friend,

jack ♠️

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