You + Creation

The formula we all need


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The world may not care what you do directly, or what you do/don’t create, but there are a lot of people who stand to benefit a great deal from the formula that is: you plus creation.

I'm an introvert by nature but man there are moments where I see someone put out their soul into the world and i love it, i absolutely love it, & i am here to urge that person to keep going, the world needs your creations, & if not the world then i do. go fuck some shit up.

 me (jack friks)

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Doing something worthwhile

Creation is not about convincing others, but rather showing yourself the way forwards: for you. To express yourself through creation, and create cool (or hot) shit… not literally though, it's a figure of speech, and there’s no reason to alter the temperature of your excrement.

I know many of us have different creation based genes, & even my creations are all but consistent in hobby or craft. This is because creation is innate to us humans (there will be a whole chapter on this to follow). It is innate to us humans because whether we like it or not: We are built to create. To cook & create a meal, to connect & create friendship, to draw & create a self expressed visual of our mind, to garden & create food, etc, etc. The list goes on, to near infinity.

I’ve written about creation a lot, the superpower of it, & the point of why creation is so important in our mundane life: The life we live now where it's much easier to pick up your phone & scroll than it is to sit down and play the piano, or to simply go outside for a walk & let your brain wonder in imagination. Note that imagination is also a state of creation, in its most purse sense of beginnings. All of this, however, leads me to answer quite a few common questions I’ve asked myself, and many others probably have asked themselves about creation…


What is the goal of creating things?

As bland as it may appear, the goal of creation is simply the process itself. Therefore, the goal of creating is to create.

– I used to think the goal of creation was finding what makes you tick, or how you can express your internal being to the outside world. Maybe part of that has some truth too, but in reality the journey is always more important than the destination.

So yeah, the goal creation, like any infinite process, is to be in the process itself. Now… the benefits & reasons you may care about this goal, those questions & answers are to follow.

Why should you care to create?

The reason, or reasons why you should care to create may be limited to your own world view. However right now I’ll give you some things to ponder & perhaps you can come up with your own reason to give creation more of your attention.

First off: creating things helps you get a lot of the “what if” thoughts out of your head. This is because creation pushes you to take action & action moves you quicker to where you want to go than the inaction often found in consumption. This action of doing things found more so in creation yields results because, as a wise man once said: You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs – & most people are afraid to break any eggs at all!

Creating things can also be similar to investing in a portfolio of stocks you see potential in, this portfolio however is the portfolio of yourself, & if you can see potential in yourself, then you can begin adding to your skills & experiences through the trials of creation & craft.

An ultimate reasoning for caring to create may also be that you wish to bring something new to the world, & the only way to do such is to create that something.

Finally, although this is not the end of the list on why you may care to create: You may want to create things just to be in the motion of an infinite game, one where the point of playing is to play, similar to the journey being the point of travel, creating things is the point of creation: and to be lost in this process is a wonderful thing, much more wonderful than to be lost scrolling through pictures of other people’s food on the internet.


When do you create stuff?

Many will ask the question in life “When do I do this clearly beneficial task that i don’t feel like doing?” Waiting to feel ready is the bane of most of our existence, not limited to just creating things but in all of life’s not so sexy tasks. Tough luck for us humans however, because the unsexy tasks that give you little dopamine are usually the most important tasks as they bring the bulk of results. So pushing them aside is pushing aside any of your progress too.

It's easy to forgo these tasks with distractible tasks: scrolling on social media or doing busy work instead of using your mental cognition to get something worth its juices done. Creating things is not an art really, it's you sitting your ass down (or getting your ass up) & just doing the thing. Creation will often require you put aside distractions, to allow yourself to fall into the thing at your fingertips; the craft, and fully commit to it at that very moment.

Creating things will not always be a hard task, but It probably is for you now. I suspect for 9/10 of the people reading this: these ideas are cutting across the grain that is ingrained in our brains.. Going against cheapy earned dopamine in the years of applications that have no end to their consumption limits. Creating things is intuitive to humans, but our human brain also has its pitfalls & can easily fall prey to a lack of creation in our day to day lives.

If you were to abandon the death scroll or other non creative distractions for some time you would likely find yourself bored a lot more, this gives you more time to think, & natural imagination will come about sooner than later to push you to create something. Your curiosities can’t be bottled up forever, & they are for most of us just waiting to be explored. All we need do is get rid of the noise taking us away from them, & there they lay. To close this question off: If you are going to ask when I think you should create, my answer is to create whenever you can… this becomes much more likely if you take away distractions that suppress your own genuine curiosities & intuition, even if it's just for a short period of time.

What do you create? & How do you create?

First: what do you create? It doesn’t really matter, the universe isn’t asking you to fit a mold or a job path, it doesn’t care.

Create what comes to you naturally, create based on your genuine curiosity; Is how I would put the best way to find what to create. Be careful with this, I do not mean to follow what is always easy, or what you feel like doing at all times, but rather to find what you're curious about and create things around that. What would you actually be creating or doing if you didn’t have mental hang ups on it being hard or worrying that it may leave a “bad” perception of you to others when compared to societal norms. – Sidenote: the hard stuff is the best stuff.

Your answer to the questions above are what you should probably create around. If you have no answers then you have more of your curiosity to explore which is also an answer: for you must create in your day to day life: imagination.

Now, how do you create? Well this is up to you really. There are a sheer infinite number in which are methods of creation. I’ve mentioned quite a few leading up to this chapter, even creating memes are undoubtedly a form of creation. Heck, imitation is not only a form of flattery, but creation itself too. To create what those before you have created hold no less significance in your natural craving to do something creative in nature.

There isn’t a prescription for our creative genes, because each of us are completely unique humans with different interests and views in the world, so the only real way to figure things out for you is to try. Not every seed you plant will bear fruit, nor should you expect all your creations to net you the same fruits.

Your final formula

This article has been all about you + creation. “The formula we all need”, the thing is here, and I want to make it very clear: there is no perfect formula when it comes to creation. – and there never will be a perfect way for someone to create that can be applied universally.

Rather the formula that I proposed is one of getting into the journey, a formula for more fulfillment in your life & enrichment of those around you: you + creation = better life. How do you get a grasp on the creation part of this formula? Well, that’s up to you.

thank you so much for reading,
have a great day,
your friend,
jack ♠️

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