You don't have enough time? focus.

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Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Today’s human dilemma is as follows:

You have enough time… buttt: You lack focus. & when I say you, I mean me too… buttt: I’ve gotten better & that’s what today’s email is about.

How to focus more on the things that matter & in general win (in the areas that matter most to you) more because of it.

Confirmation of the myth that you “don’t have enough time”

The myth is that there isn't enough time. There is plenty of time. There isn't enough focus with the time you have. You win by directing your attention toward better things.

 James Clear

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Regaining your Focus & living a better life

So, the jist again here, in case you weren’t focusing on what you were reading, is as follows: We don't need more time, we have plenty of it already. What we need more of is focus, to make our plentiful time count, & to make it mean something.

First off, some important things to keep top of mind.

you have enough time

  • you don't have enough focus

  • figure out what you want to focus on

  • focus on that

  • become a master of time

In the 21st century focus is becoming exceedingly rare, & even if one had all the time in the world: if they didn't focus on what matters most to them, time may not feel very well spent in hindsight.

I've come to this realization lately, & been attempting to adopt it daily. Here's what's worked best for me (& may work for you)

In order to gain focus you will need to put the distractions away. This was nearly impossible for me at first & I'm still no angel, but the biggest step to saying no to TikTok was having a strong reason not to be on it.

I answered this question in terms of where I want to be 1 year from now, setting goals for my - business - health - relationships - mind & spirit.

then I broke all of my goals down into tasks & highlighted all the things I could be doing on a daily basis to push me closer to each goal. Turns out there is a lot I have to get doing, & at first I thought "I have no time to waste!" but... after a week of trying to act each day & scraping by I realized it wasn't a time problem

It's a focus problem! Now having clearly defined tasks I can focus on what matters more easier

After you have clearly defined what you want, it’s a lot harder to direct your focus to mindless tiktoks or other because most of your focus will lay on where you're aiming to go. Still though, there will a monkey up in your head telling you to "just check social media quickly"

this is inevitable, & I still have such a monkey in my head, so I needed another technique to be laser-focused at times in the day where I then can maximize my time to progress on goals.

I found a strategy called deep work in a book I was reading called - "deep work" ...

I was convinced after the first chapter, & I started to try some "deep work" sessions, I first did 25 minutes of concentration on ONE task at a time, my main focus was writing. The first 5 minutes were a little difficult, but after 10-15 minutes something weird happened, I became lost in my writing, I was "in the zone"

I was absolutely focused on the task at hand & time was lost in the milky way to me in those brief but highly productive 25 minutes. Now maybe this is a small exaggeration, its not always like this, but the only time I've felt this is when I'm dialed in; when I'm truly focused.

Pairing deep work with strong goals for your future has been amazing for me, I've found that I do have enough time, I just lack a lot of focus. There have been so many times I can recall not focusing on what matters & using 3-4 hours of my day unfocused. If I'm focused? I need not much time at all. & now I'm just trying to solve the puzzle of how I can better apply this to my life outside of just my work habits

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Closing notes & useful stuff on focus vs time.

Now I've also come up with a to-do list for my working habits & deep work that has transformed my focus levels too, & helped me remain focused & intentional about the work I'm tackling

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Ending recap, in case you scrolled past the entire post

you have enough time

  • you don't have enough focus

  • figure out what you want to focus on

  • focus on that

  • become a master of time

--> Remember that your time is still finite, you're not immortal <--

focus up✌️&❣️,
thanks for reading, enjoy your day,
from your friend,
jack ♠️

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