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rediscovering human's wonder & core abilities while maximizing creative juices


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: May 30, 2023

humans are a wonderous species, I would know: I’m part of the herd. (I’m totally not a robot sent by aliens to take over this planet known as Earth)

When we are young we are especially wonderous.

We question all around the things around us and explore as far into the wilderness around us as we can before we’re called back by our parents.

This sense of wonder although you may think has been long lost to you, is not.

& Today I ask of you to help me prove it, not to me, but to yourself.

The main ingredient

The main ingredient to rediscovering your wonder?


& Luckily for you, we are built to create. (we = humans)

There are not many statements I can make or have made in my life that feel more truthful than the one above.

Creation is in everything we do, & it’s especially in the best parts of what we do.

Having a life worth living to you means you’ll have to buckle up and create it (possibly with a touch of brute force)

Having a business that helps other people requires you to create it

Reshaping your life to be better (or worse) comes from creating a new life path

Going to get coffee with your friend requires you to create plans.

Making money requires you to create value for someone else.

Reading this text requires your brain to create a pathway from your eyes to your brain

Reading this text also required 100 prerequisites all of which were created by a human no less human than you.

Everything we know in life is created, & we have the abilities required (being human) to create some amazing things with our short time on this floating rock, so why shouldn’t we? why wouldn’t we?

I am not creative

“I am not a creative person” — a lie humans tell themselves day in & day out.

The truth is we are all inherently creative, we make up solutions to all of our day to day problems all the time, each of these solutions require creative thinking.

To solve any problem requires a large degree of creativity, even the smallest or most trivial of problems.

The task of planning your day, choosing what foods to eat (this ones tough I know), or deciding what to wear for the day, each of these decisions all require you're creative mind.

You must integrate your preferences: for yourself, for how you’ll be perceived by others, & for anything else, each and every little thing must be considered.

This results in 100s, or even thousands of nuanced things your brain must combine to make one decision or output.

& we as humans do this multiple times a day, often to exhaustion

So to me, thinking of yourself as a non creative person is absurd

If you got this far in life to be able to read this line of text, you are certainly a creative person.

Where you use your creativity may differ than a painter or a designer, but there is no doubt you have creative juices to be used & are already spewing them about in your life, wether you like it or not.

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Creative barriers & Experimentation

Today’s world is a constant state of connection.

We are always on our phones or looking for a simple distraction whenever we have downtime. We bring our phones to the toilet, pull them out while in line, bring them out anywhere we feel bored or have a split second to spare.

I believe this alone blocks a lot of our precious creative juices. & creative juices are our problem solving juices & therefore likely the most valuable parts of us to make forward progress (even if not always measurable)

Earlier this week I read in the book “Manage Your Day-to-Day” written by 99U something profound in line with this which prompts an experiment I will be putting into place & challenge you to aswell.

First though: What prompted me.

In this book they cover a man joining a club to travel in the mountains for 3 days, by himself.

They provide you with a tarp and other necessities and then send you off to hike to a camping spot in the Green Mountains. Just a few rules: no music, no electronics, and no company. It should come as no surprise that my first day alone was extremely boring. I had no one to talk to, nothing to read or watch. I just sat there, mind blank. The constant external stimulation I had been depending on my entire life had suddenly ceased. My mind didn’t know what to do with itself.

On the second day, however, something changed. My brain suddenly reactivated. I became truly aware of my surroundings: The quiet of an early April snowfall. The grandeur of century-old trees. The hours flew past.

What I learned during my solo experience was that my thinking—my creativity and imagination—reached a new velocity as soon as I unplugged. When you tune in to the moment, you begin to recognize the world around you and the true potential of your own mind.

 Scott Belsky

This is at a larger scale, but broken down to a daily habit:

Taking time to be in the moment and not fully connected each and every split second likely has a profound (although unmeasurable) impact on your creative abilities & therefore your overall cognition

The experiment (ill be doing this too)
For a week: Don’t pull your phone out when you’re in line, don’t take your phone to the toilet with you, turn off the music while you shower, enjoy the sun without music or your phone nearby & Instead: think inwards & about your problems (or think of nothing at all)

Mentally &/ or physically note your creative & problem solving skills or any realizations you make.

Gain superpowers (Or use your existing ones)

To me creation is a superpower, I’ve written about this extensively in the past too, & If I believe creating things or creation in general to be a superpower then it only makes sense to find as many ways to maximize that in my life.

I wrote this article as an expression of creation, i'm not sure if anyone will read it, or find value in it, maybe people will disagree.

At the end of the day this process of creating is a form not only of becoming a better human, but freeing myself & reaching internal freedom.

So yes: create things, but also: create things around your curiosities, so that you may enjoy the process and not just the output of your creations.

Use your existing superpowers, go create something, or at the very least acknowledge that you are built to create & have been creating things all your life.

That’s all for today…

If you want to show me how cool you are at creating things, then go ahead and create a link or forwarded email: & share this wall of text with a friend 🙂 —kidding (kind of) I would much rather you go create something around your own curiosities first & foremost.

thanks for reading,

your friend,

jack ♠

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