You can change the world (with little effort)

Here's a sweet and short 'how to' guide


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Imagine you are the ship in this image below.

You’re caught between two opposing forces of humanity. Encouragement, and discouragement. You have three paths of choice:

Your first choice: Surrender to the monster of discouragement on the right, allowing it to swallow you whole.

Your second choice: Just keep swimming as is, attempting to make it past the monster.

And your third option? Make a sharp right turn into the whirlpool, embracing the encouragement of the current, allowing it to mold your spirit so you may encourage the coming boats to not surrender to the monster, and to keep swimming.

Lesson: You can better the world by saving just a few boats.

The real phenomenon going on here: The phenomenon of a small bit of effort going an exceedingly long way; commonly known as ‘encouragement’.


Watch my 2-minute video on this article

This is all taken from a book I’m writing about encouragement!

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That’s all for today, keeping it short and sweet.

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