Unlock your potential through exploring curiosity.

Your potential is hidden inside your genuine curiosities, let's unlock it.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: May 6, 2023

The most successful people & the richest people in this world have one thing in common:

They're all some of the most profound experts at exploring their curiosities.

Elon Musk explores his curiosities profusely, creating some of the most innovative companies in the world (& making some money along the way)

Jeff Bezos explored his genuine curiosity of selling books and expanded Amazon with his curiosities into an everything storefront alongside.

Steve Jobs had a genuine curiosity to make something great with the new age of personal computers & give it to the world.

These examples may be the extremes, but even at less scale, almost anyone offering a service or useful product got there from this same seed.

A seed of genuine curiosity.

Look around at the devices you have, the tools you use (digital & physical)

All of them started with this same seed.

Everything worthwhile seems to grow from:

Planting this seed in good soil (diving into your curiosity & getting lost in it)
Watering it well & often (making time to explore curiosities frequently)


How to explore your genuine curiosities

In order to be your own success story you may want to understand what "exploring your curiosities" actually means.

& more importantly how you can actually explore them.

The good news is: This process is built into us as humans.

We just need to push aside the things stopping us from following our nature for enough time to dive into what genuinely interests us & makes our brains light up.

The “bad” news: You’ll have to stop scrolling on social media for a little bit.

& in general, you’ll have to stop autopiloting to mindless tasks that give you a quick and easy hit of dopamine.

I’m not saying you can never use social media again or that you can’t eat chocolate bars anymore

What I’m saying is that in order for you to take part in exploring you must limit your distractions & the loops they put you into on autopilot.

Example: Picking up your phone to go check the weather & suddenly you’re opening up Instagram and scrolling, even though you haven’t even checked the weather yet!

This happens more often than any of us want to admit.

I watched my friend do this right in front of me when we were trying to look something up on his phone, he opened up Instagram & lost track of reality before we could even find what we were looking for.

All things like this where we autopilot to something so easy that makes our brain feel good in the very short term are blockages to our genuine curiosity.

How do you explore your genuine curiosity? What’s the answer?

“SPIT IT OUT” — you may be reading now thinking this.


the answer looks

a bit — like…


It looks like the above because, for a few seconds, you were wondering what came next, exploring one line of text to the following line of text.

Maybe that sounds a bit fluffy, but it’s reality.

When you take away the blockages to genuine curiosity and you’re fully focused on something, you are in constant pursuit of finding what comes next.

Suddenly an hour goes by, and someone calling your name in your house can’t seem to break your attention at all, not even an inch.

You explore your genuine curiosities by letting your curiosity live and taking away distractions.

Find books you want to read, these help you get ideas.

Act on those ideas in whatever means true to yourself.

Build things for the problems you have in your life, & in totality, you will be following your genuine curiosity.

Why you should explore your genuine curiosities

If you aren’t convinced that paying more attention to things you are genuinely interested in is a productive or proactive undertaking…

Then here are some more reasons:

How it benefits society

Society is a perpetual machine that outputs all kinds of oddballs, weirdos, geniuses, & everyday working people.

All of the above may be even categorized as a single person’s traits.

But even if two people had these same traits & more, none of us are a replacement for each other.

We are all completely unique in our own ways, this is because, and you may have guessed it, we all have our own genuine curiosities.

Society benefits a lot more from people who lean into their genuine curiosities than people who don’t.

Simply because: people who aren’t leaning into some form of curiosity are often playing life on autopilot, doing menial tasks, or collecting up cheap dopamine more frequently than not.

People who explore that inner voice, or itch to go down a rabbit hole of interest, to try something and fail, to learn about why something works the way it does, these people compile the stepping stones for breakthroughs.

These breakthroughs may just be internal, or they may leave a lasting impact on humanity, either way, society benefits from people exploring so new things can be found and understood at a deeper level, which expands the general human consciousness.

How it opens up opportunities

I’ll keep these next 2 reasons for why you should explore your curiosity short because you probably won’t agree until you experience them yourself.

These are from my personal experiences.

Opportunities are abundant when you’re stirring the pot, when you are doing things in line with your curiosity, and exploring that itch you have in your soul.

These are the moments you create opportunities for things you can do, what you can learn, and where you can take yourself in life.

Throw a stick in the water, and watch it ripple. Dive into your curiosities and watch the ripples of opportunity surround you.

How it fuels a better, more fulfilling life

Fueling a better life in my eyes means being able to remain true to yourself as often as possible. Not for pride not to feed your ego, but to remain fulfilled and satiated in a never-ending quest that is to explore what makes you curious.

Exploring your genuine curiosities won’t solve all your life problems, but it is much more fulfilling & rewarding than it is to dive into your social media feed.

A better life is crafted through doing more things you enjoy, or that make you fulfilled. Exploring the things uniquely curious to you is a wonderful pathway to this.

Write down things that you are curious about in the day, and come back to them when you have time (if you have time to scroll then you have time to explore).


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