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going on vacation while robots takeover business growth


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2023

im going on vacation & robots are taking over my business for 10 days. maybe you should go on a robotic vacation too?

*Today* I’m here to show you how I’m setting it all up a month or so in advance while & you’re seeing it all in real-time I’ll be on the beach or near the pool sipping on a pina colada. (+probably reading & writing all day long, fully disconnected from social media)

this should be a fun experiment, I’ll learn stuff, you’ll learn stuff.
So let’s go into the reasons why a robotic vacation is awesome in theory & most certainly well-needed as opposed to a nonrobotic one.

+ I’m going to tell you how I’m doing it all.

From July 4th-16th 2023: Want to see live updates on this? (or robotic ones) See my Twitter announcement about this endeavor pinned on my profile here

the ideal vacation

Honestly, I enjoy my work a lot, I write on the internet, talk about stuff I like & do a little bit of freelance work on the side.

Most times my routine to work is actually a very high & enjoyable part of my day, having a sense of impact & meaning to the betterment of more than just myself.

However, I’m also very into trying new experiments & approaches to life itself. As a part of this, I want to try and really separate my mind from the general consciousness of the internet & buzz of social media.

To do this I will be taking a complete vacation from social media, Yes, my business & ways of making money are centered around social media. But more notable: so are a lot of my ideas.

Recently I’ve made the realization on the importance of a few things, 3 of which are as follows:

Work seeded with great ideas makes you appear as if you’re taking more steps to make progress compared to others, in reality, great ideas let you take larger steps not more of them. leveraging one great idea can be a much better venture than exploring 10 or 20 half-decent ideas. This also goes in hand withExperimenting with new ideals of life & ways of living lets you have real data to extrapolate against when asking the question to yourself “What do I want out of life”. This is why I will be trying some more experiments for ways to not only work but live in general: optimizing for freedom as that is what I value most.To gain hold & fully develop your own internal truths & to explore your curiosities to their edges you need to mute outside influences via solitude. Or at least this is what I'm experimenting with recently at a smaller scale than my robotic vacation. The separation of me from my social accounts on vacation lets me not only be more present in the moments to enjoy them most but also lets me have time for pure introspection and curiosity development.


experimentation of great ideas found in solitude

the main idea of this robotic vacation is to combine the three important factors I mentioned earlier - great ideas, time in solitude, experimentation - & combine them

like this: Experimentation leads to great ideas (or better ones), in which I can experiment on those ideas.

Or: Time spent in solitude leads to great ideas in which I can experiment with to see which ideas are actually great.

or maybe even: Solitude allows me to experiment with new ideas I would not have had if still in a constant state of connection with the social world, then those ideas are great — only one way to find out, or rather: I’m only able to try one way at a time.

The entire idea of this robotic vacation came to me in the blink of an eye, weirdly enough the best ideas (or the ones that give us the most inspiration to pursue) usually come when we aren’t trying to solve the answer to some idea-based equation. Our subconscious not only fills gaps but creates new ones for us to fill in our future.

the robots I’m using (how I’m doing it)

In order to not touch social media & still grow my business while on vacation ill be using an army of robots.

These robots are code-based servants that send out text & video posts I’ve scheduled in advance on twitter, youtube, email, tiktok, instagram, & linkedin.

So I will not be using AI, nor will I be replying to comments, ChatGPT does however make an appearance in this post to give you a TLDR.

The hub for my posts which I will be scheduling & where my ideas start is almost always twitter & the use of Typefully (a really good twitter tool for scheduling & other helpful automations)

On top of this, all of the platforms I will be using for video posts have a built-in scheduler function so I can just use those to organize in line with my posts on twitter.

Since twitter is my main growth channel & home to expanding my ideas + writing it’s where I’m centering this entire experiment.

I will also have normal tweets & twitter threads scheduled for when I’m on vacation. Yes, this means I will be completing a few days of writing to post ahead of time, this is made much easier with the queue tooling I mentioned earlier: typefully.

In totality here again: the point of this method of growth while on vacation is to have a worry-free separated time from the online buzz of strong opinions and ideas to be able to dive into my own ideas further.


writing & reading, on the beach.

doing work on the beach is often glorified, even though we all know working with a massive glare on your laptop or phone is not enjoyable, its a staple image of what many imagine when they think “work from anywhere” or being free from a physical office.

Well: I’ll be working on the beach, it will be not on a deadline or product but rather working on an expansion of better, hopefully, great ideas through experimenting, documenting, writing & reading.

Sometimes I will be on the beach but honestly more important than being on the beach is just being in an environment that’s not where I’m used to doing the same tasks or process day in & day out.

I will be writing a ton about my experience and thoughts of this so I can share them with the world & others who wish to know if this style of vacation may be profound or not.

I could assume the results but I think a better practice is to try it for myself & collect personal data that I can extrapolate from for the rest of my life.

Should be fun :)

Summary, TLDR & Wrap-up Conclusion

I'm going on a vacation and robots will run my business for 10 days.

I'll be disconnecting from social media and trying new experiments to gain clarity and explore my curiosities.

I'll use scheduled posts on various platforms, with Twitter as the main hub.

This robotic vacation allows me to focus on developing great ideas, while also enjoying writing and reading in a new environment.

I'll share my experiences and findings to see if this style of vacation is transformative.

that’s all for today, but there is plenty scheduled for tomorrow (thanks robots)

thanks for reading,

your friend,
jack ♠️ 

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