The superpower of creating stuff

we are built to create stuff


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Mar 7, 2023

In the following text, I’m going to tell you not only why you should harness the creation superpower you were born with but also why the world needs you to.

3 years ago I was lost, everyone told me to go to college and get a “good job” (people still do), I was working at McDonald’s, & most notably: I was lost in my own mental chaos with all of the different opinions people had about the direction I should lead with for my life. So, what did I do?… I started creating things. I created T-shirt designs, I created mug designs, then I created YouTube videos on creating T-shirt designs & mug designs and the things I was interested in. I took action to create one day & now here we are 1000+ videos on youtube and 10s of thousands of things created later. At first, I was just looking for a way out of the 9-5 & trying to find a better path for myself, I used creation to work for myself now & last month made over $11,300, but the truth is, for money or not, creation is a superpower that the world needs more people utilizing rather than just consuming 99% of the time and creating the other 1% of the time I can’t say that there is one moment my brain realized that this was my path forward or even a path forward at all. But I can tell you this: Every day that I create something I become a slightly better version of myself. Creating stuff allows us as humans to:

experiment with what we enjoy figure out what we enjoy most. share our findings, lessons, & work with others. find out what works. find out what doesn’t work. &complete all of the above with immense speed (compared to theorizing everything, or wondering “what if”.)

If you want to create something then it’s simple: document the process of yourself doing literally anything or make something that others can consume.

Aside from the mentioned above things, you may still be asking… how is creating superpower? what makes what I can create different from what someone else can create? if we can all create then isn’t creating things a saturated thing to do? The first part of what makes creating a superpower to me is the process of creation of consumption. Consuming things is fine, but when you don’t exert your ideas, your “what ifs” or even your urge to put a funny mustache filter on your dog, your brain becomes quickly overloaded to the point where you go on a sort of autopilot (at least that’s me in my experience when I consume too much, then I get the urge to create something, anything, as I know that helps me)Creating things allows you to break out of autopilot, & test for yourself not only what you enjoy, but how you enjoy things. Imagine if everyone created even 1/4th of what they consumed, the world have tenfold, maybe even 100 times more data & knowledge collectively of human experience & progression. This shared form of creation doesn’t apply to all things that are created, but it’s a pretty big part of it.

Much of the reason people don’t share their creations, or go as far as to destroy their own work, is that we are so worried about others’ thoughts we cannot express our own.

I’m not saying creating stuff is a miracle drug that will fix all your life problems, but I am saying that you will be better off creating more things in your life. Getting out of autopilot, documenting more & sharing more in life than you would be scrolling on TikTok every morning. Rather: write in your journal, write a blog, make funny memes, take a picture of the sunset, and send it to your family… there are many parts of your life that if you were focused on creating more and consuming less would be enhanced. Finally, if you made it to this part of the letter than you probably didn’t find all of what I just said completely useless & or mushy so consider creating something & tweeting it at me @jackfriks on twitter with the hashtag #builttocreate.

Thanks for reading, so frikin much. <3

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