The goal of creating things

Stop trying to convince people, express your truth.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Between passions for cryptocurrencies, operating a business & a philosophy to evolve, I’ve constantly been led to one thing that keeps me up at night.A need to create stuff.Creating anything: videos, TikToks, tweets, articles like this one you're reading, art, graphics, websites, & memes, all of this fuels me internally. I’ve written about this before & the superpower of creating stuff, because often times when I create things I do it solely for myself & the benefits it brings me. But I’ve now made this a large part of my full-time gig so the goal of creation sometimes gets lost behind the desire to make a healthy income & internal truths get muddled. This leads me to answer a common question I’ve asked myself, & many others probably have asked themselves…

What is the goal of creating things?

First and foremost the goal of creation is not to convince other people of your internal truth, but just to express it in whatever way you can. A common line you’ve probably heard is “Don’t worry about what other people think” — and the reason you hear this a lot is because it’s a good motto to go by if you want to have internal peace… but it’s also incredibly hard to do.If someone’s thoughts don’t fit your ideas or way of life then take it in, analyze it against yourself, & then 99% of the time, you ignore it.The goal of creating things is to express your own truth & let others consume it as they please if they please.

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Why should you care?

Creating things helps you get out your bad ideas, & move quicker onto the good ones. Testing by asking others or doing it yourself.On top of this, creating things to me is like a journal, but a journal that you can also gain real progress by adding to it, like a portfolio. You may want to care about the goal of creating things and creating things, in general, to benefit from the above, or at the very least you may care if you want to expand your creative thinking & overall output.Because yes, the more you create, & take part in creating, the better you get & more you evolve… What’s that saying?… Practice makes perfect?… or better put: You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

The Evolution of Things

In order to progress we must make & create stuff, have failures, and create more stuff with the lessons learned from those failures. Applied to business this means that you may create a business, it fails horribly but the critical mistakes you make a kept with you on your next venture, or even a failed part of your business allows you to see the holes in your business’s game plan and adjust accordingly. You must create something; a plan, and then adapt and recreate after finding what does & does not work. Apply this to life and you may realize the plans you create to reach your goals, or the things you produce don’t always work the first time around but being able to see the problem and then try again is the evolution of making progress. Apply this to cryptocurrencies or other technologies and you’ll see how often iterations (or new “creations”) are adapted: changes made, problems found, problems solved, and technology advanced all happen day in and day out. In this part of the world creating and recreations happen even faster than ever because it can be done through leveraged mediums like code & open-sourced developments where others share their failures or solutions

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