Rewiring your brain to enjoy hard stuff

Use these 4 teammates to help you


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Feb 20, 2024

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋. Today we are going to go over how you can rewire your internal needs to up the enjoyment of things you perceive as hard.

  • yes it is quite possible

  • yes we will formate a team to help you

  • yes you can actually enjoy making progress on a daily basis

  • yes this is a chapter from my latest book that I’m writing to help people scroll less

  • yes this has a similar theme to last weeks article about becoming a non-scroller, because this is heavily related.

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Creation log update

What cool s**t have I been creating?

Well, Curiosity Quench is coming along nicely! We just soared past 4100 users and are just waiting on the apple review to go through before it’s live on iOS. Android is in a testing phase which is required for new developers to publish their first app; we’re on day 7 out of 14 now for that.I added some cool new features to the app so users can now jot notes about their completed plans before they quench (and will be able to soon snap photos to look back on! I added prevention of people getting custom plans for criminal things (namely: arson, as my friend pointed out) - so that’s a very good.

My second book “Consumption Control” is coming along nicely, and as I write it I’m constantly toying with how I can import the helpful bits I write into Curiosity Quench to help more and more people scroll less and do the s**t they actually want to do, in order to live the life they actually want to life (and so they can create the cool s**t they have inside of them). By the way: this newsletter issue is a chapter from the book!

This newsletter is about to hit 4000 subs, that’s pretty awesome. This month I’m nearing $400 in profit between CQ and my book (almost enough to pay rent)

I’ve been waking up and staring at the sun each morning this last week. I believe It’s made me a happier person. Thank you Andrew Huberman.

Overall things have been going good, steady progress every single day adds up nicely. I hope I am inspiring others to create their own cool s**t too. It’s a surreal feeling to be able to help people scroll less and explore curiosity.

okay now on with the good stuff 💙


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Rewiring Dopamine

How do we rewire where we get our dopamine from? How can work be enjoyable? It’s simple! All we need to do is restructure our brains hierarchy of desires (okay maybe not that simple, but still, entirely doable).

Restructuring your desire hierarchy sounds like some monumentally impossible task that can only be accomplished with a team. While you will need a team to control your consumption, you don’t need to travel far to find the best of teammates. They are all already laying dormant inside of you waiting for you to pick up their call. These teammates will come with you anywhere you go assuming you keep their line connected, and on speed dial in case you get disconnected. The journey of what you once thought of as monumentally impossible will soon feel ominously possible, and a lot less scary, with these teammates on your side.

Who are these teammates? The ones that have been waiting for you to heed their call for your entire life?...

First we have Purpose, then we have its brother 2nd: Reason… which pairs well with the two parents Devotion and Stubbornness. These four teammates have the ability to rework your hierarchy of dopamine in little time, assuming you allow them to help you and do not decline their calls.

Purpose: This is your big "why" - what drives you and gives your actions meaning.

Reason: This is your "because" - the specific reasons behind what you're doing.

Devotion: This means being all-in on your goals, letting them become a part of who you are.

Stubbornness: This is about not giving up, no matter what gets in your way.

Having a purpose is the backbone to having a good internal reason for doing hard things and in turn: enduring struggle. The secret ingredient to being better is holding yourself accountable to a Purpose which requires you to be.

The helping teammate of purpose is Reason. Reason is there to remind you why your purpose matters. The parents: Devotion and Stubbornness are also consistently on the line offering their assistance assuming you don’t hang up on them.

Devotion is there to instill your purpose and reasons into the subconscious of your brain. Stubbornness is then there to make sure you're too stubborn to go any way but towards your purpose and reason through devotion to yourself. When things get hard and you could very well quit: Your devotion and stubbornness will keep you in the arena of leading a worthwhile time on this earth. “Worthwhile” being entirely deemed by your own devoted purpose and reasons.

Finding and defining your teammates

How do you find and define these teammates? Purpose doesn’t just sneak into your head in the middle of the night. Neither does Reason - both of which would need to be quite compelling to you in order to have Devotion to them and the Stubbornness to keep going when clearly everything is telling you to quit.

You can find your teammates simply by consistently asking and pondering on a simple question of self reflection: “What do I really want out of life?” 

To you it may be to have a happy family above everything, it may be to live in a nice house, to take up a certain occupation, or a mix of these things. It may be that you want to have complete control of your time, or perhaps you want to build muscle and compete in bodybuilding competitions. Perhaps you want to run marathons, or in general: challenge yourself to explore the upper limits of your capabilities; only to discover that your capable limits are almost always much higher than you had previously imagined. 

Ask yourself frequently and reask yourself: What do I really want out of life? Then evaluate if your daily actions are leading you there. After this: many decisions become much more black and white. Tough temptations become a simple choice once you’re devoted to pursuing your answers for what you really want out of life.

The real shift

The real shift here works in two sort-of ways, the first way is “loving yourself enough to lead the life you actually want to live” - with the stubbornness to not worry too much about how others will perceive you (it’s your life, not theirs!). 

Then the second way, which is really just another way of embracing the first: It’s to opt your daily actions and decisions for the long term over the short term. If something isn’t going to matter in a few days from now or weeks, then why bother letting it hold you down in anger, sadness, or misery. 999 times out of 1000 it’s not worth it. It just isn’t. The cost of always needing to be right is your happiness. Conduct yourself as a kind and loving fool and much less misery would come your way in the spark contrast to appearing to be educated about everything.

Reworking where we get our dopamine from is all about changing what makes us feel good. Instead of quick fixes, we can find joy in meaningful work and goals. Using your Purpose to guide you means that you are opting for the long term Reasons with a Devotion to loving yourself enough to let yourself be free, as you always have been. Finally you can then gift yourself the Stubbornness to keep going on this path when many warn you against it; against loving yourself and letting yourself be free to lead the life you actually want.

Call upon your teammates my friends, they are here for you always, you just have to call them and keep them on the line. They will not hang up on you. Signal may be spotty but it will be at no fault of your teammates. You must call them again when you’ve become disconnected, they will answer when you need them and be there even when you think you don’t. These four teammates can absolutely reorder your brain's dopamine hierarchy in the best of ways, if you allow them to.

What will happen if you stay with these four teammates?

  • Your choices will bloom further into alignment with your deeper goals.

  • Soon enough the hard work is no longer as hard, oftentimes it is actually quite blissful.

  • Every day the time you get to spend moving towards your ideal future and living in it now is time well spent.

  • It’s not unusual to wake up excited to get out of bed (on the first alarm, or even before your alarm!)

  • You can endure enormous amounts of resistance: When your others would have quit, or your past self: you double down in your path.

  • Every action you take it passed through your teammates for evaluation (consciously at first, then subconsciously)

Together, these four traits can shift your brain's focus from short-term pleasures to long-term satisfaction. It's about enjoying the journey, celebrating small wins, and making choices that align with your deeper goals. This way, the hard work feels rewarding, and sticking to your path becomes a part of your daily life. A journey of self-discovery, making life not just bearable but fulfilling. Keep asking yourself: What do I want out of life, and why? This will guide you to a more meaningful way of living, where your actions and joys are deeply connected to your true self.

So ask yourself, think for yourself: What do you really want out of life? Why? Where do you want to go? Why? Who do you want to become? Why?

… Are you on your way there now? Or are you already there? What’s next? Yes, you can do it.

That’s all for today. thank you for reading my friend, now off you go: To create some cool s**t, to explore your curiosity, to lead the life you want to live. You are free.

your friend,
jack ♠️

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