Do not lose hope for yourself

it’s okay to be afraid


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Apr 9, 2024

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋. todays letter is one for those who think all hope is lost, like they cannot amount to anything.

I thought low of myself not long ago… here is how things went and how i proved myself wrong.

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Creation log update

Every week I put here a creation log about what I’ve been up to in hopes it inspires you to create more too. Here’s the weekly rundown, feel free to skip!

I’ve been working on curiosity quench every day and recently I’m learning figma so I can overhaul the current UX/UI and make it much more functional and easy to navigate.

Some amazing news is lately I added in a more professional shop/ pay section and free trials and we’ve been making sustainable revenue which means I will be able to keep making this app more amazing and better :))) (actually it’s insanely huge, here’s a tweet i tweeted about it)

things are finally coming together here 8 months after starting Curiosity Quench and some people bought my upcoming book “Consumption Control” !! (1st draft complete and editable and readable upon preorder)

okay enough of all that, here’s the actual content below…

Do not lose hope for yourself, it’s okay to be afraid

As I write this it is April 6th 2024. The following image you see is a snippet from my journal about 5 months ago. Please read it.

You see, I have been lost many times. I have been scared often, perpetuated doubt has ruled me for nearly decades (and I am only 24). The truth I’ve come to discover is that it is perfectly normal to be afraid. The part that matters is not the level of one's fear, but the level of courage one can gather to face it. It is very hard to remain in fear of what is to come when you’ve shown yourself you have the courage to keep going anyways. When you show yourself how you can do hard things, it’s much more likely you realize that no matter what is thrown at you: you will be able to get through it.

Your strength lies then not in your courage alone, but your courage to keep going despite your biggest fears crawling into your boots and tickling your feet.

A voice whispered to me this last 5 months, the voice said “keep going! KEEP GOING! You must keep going!”, this voice was a friend, and it came to me only now after 24 years because I showed myself that I could handle the battle it was going to throw my way. It told me to keep going because I had shown myself that I can do things, I have put myself in the fiery pit even when I was not ready and suddenly I became ready. I did that before so now the voice whispering to me knew I could do it once again.

So keep going I did, and now here we are:

The “app” I mentioned with 137 users now has over 13,000 total users. 2,000 of which have joined in the last week alone from the launch of my mobile app. Considering I hardly knew how to code a website 5 months ago… Now I’m able to make a mobile app. I would say the voice that told me to “keep going” knew, all along, that I was underestimating myself. So I kept going, and now I am stronger. My fears are quieter. Progress is being made. It’s okay to be afraid… so long as you can gather your courage to keep going.

thanks for reading,
take care my friend,
love jack ♠️

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