How to find obsession using your curiosity compass

to navigate all the cool s**t you have to offer this world


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Today is about obsession, which is often found at the base of a lot of really cool sh*t. Let’s dive in.

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Obsession is a tough cookie to swallow, it’s also a tough cookie to crack: of which you’ll have to do both of these things in order to fully digest it.

First though, you’ll need to actually find it.

How do you find obsession? It’s simple, kinda. You find obsession by using your compass of curiosity.

Huh? Yeah, me too. I once game across some similar sage wisdom “follow your genuine curiosities'' – “well how the frik do I do that??” was my response at the time. I now understand how vital curiosity is, and how to hold it with two hands (still working on the one handed hold).

It’s simple to use your curiosity compass but it’s hard to actually follow it. If you’re holding an actual compass that says that you’re facing north, but you want to go south, well which way do you follow? Fo with the compasses arrow, pointing north? Or do you want to go east, so you go 90 degrees to the right of north?

Curiosity works in similar ways, you won’t always know which direction you want to go. There will be abundant options. But the idea here, using a sense of what you are genuinely curious about, is to increase your level of success and to heighten the likelihood of you doing things well. All the while finding them rather fun or enjoyable along the way.

Success in anything is just a byproduct of learning, and learning is a byproduct of curiosity. Ultimately, if you are curious about something, you will be successful at it, and the more curious you are about it, the more successful you will be at it. — Naval Ravikant

To follow your curiosity: See what interests you, ask questions, and see where things go. It’s really all upon you to keep your curiosity appeased and fueled. The more questions you seek answers to the more you can figure out what you want to know, and that can lead anywhere really, it can lead to you building something grand, something small, or writing a book, or forming a movement of friends on the internet.

You can’t even imagine 99% of where your curiosity is able to take you, nor what you are capable of becoming using your whims of curiosity (and in general too!).

Obsession is one way to combat your brain's inclinations to do less of the work you know you ought to be doing. It also takes over your brain’s thought patterns, so make your obsession something worth obsessing over.

Example: my obsession is with creating cool s**t and inspiring others to do more of the same. An imbalance with this in my life is mostly fruitful, whereas an obsession with eating candy, may not be so fruitful over any longer timeframe than a few minutes.

Settle on your obsession when it comes off as a vessel for your larger goals. This is what I’m attempting to do now. I’m building an app/website to get people following their curiosity so they can learn without dread and create more cool s**t (curiosity quench is the name).

That’s a large part of my gameplan, which I’m giving you so you can see how I’m taking my own advice: and possibly understand better how you can use it.

There are many other unaccounted for variables here, but the main idea is to obsess over something that in the long run, will benefit you and those around you (creating meaningful/valuable noise).


Finally a reminder: My first ever book “You were built to create cool s**t” comes out December 12th!! :’)

Thanks for reading my friend, now..


your friend,
jack ♠️ 💙

ps. I have no hard feeling if at anytime your decide you need to stop reading my emails and start creating more. Although reading is actually a great habit, probably one of the best to quench curiosity! So if you ARE curious still, then follow that. Love yourself my friend, you deserve it. Take care now.

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