How do you "Create Cool S**t"?

step 1: read this short message


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2023

how do you create cool s**t?

wait —hot damn— did you know my book “You Were Built to Create Cool S**t” is coming out in 2 weeks??? 🙂 Okay nvm, you don’t care. On to step one of creating cool shit…

Step one is to forget the steps, there are only principles to take into consideration.

Step two is to create anything, anything at all.

“Cool shit” is a biproduct of making a lot of well… shit shit! This isnt something to pout about though, its the same for virtually everyone, most of the time. You will catch lucky breaks, but not when you need them most. Se be prepared to suck before you get good.

In order to “create anything”, it won’t be a overly complex task for anyone who is human. I’m going to assume that you fall under this category reading this… So all you’ll need to do is to set a timer, 10 minutes say (or less).

Before you start the timer think of what you’re going to spend that time creating. Don’t worry about finishing, just worry about starting.

Some things you could create:
- a meal
- a connection
- a new route home from work
- a cleaner home
- a written document of some sort
- plans! (you may follow them, you may not)
- literally anything with the intention of creation involved

The defining factor of what constitutes as “creating” to me has been a feeling inside — I know, not all that useful to take as advice with you — but there’s only one way to feel such a feeling, one of warmth. You must go through a whole lot of the wrong things, to find the good things. The things worthwhile of your creative abilities. The things that may have a lot of resistance for you to get started (resistance is a great compass).

If you want to create cool s**t you need to be making some meaningful noise — doing the work — is another way of putting it. Doing the work doesn’t mean its not fun, it means its work, but work can in fact be fun. Please remember that if you don’t know it already. Work CAN be fun.

Knowing that you can indeed love the work part of life -even it takes a long time to figure out- is such a liberating thing. It's like when you were 6 and the first snowfall came, you were reminded that Santa would soon be on his way. There was new hope: the next month was joy.

Also note what you’re afraid of when you create shit shit in attempt to make cool shite.

Perhaps my greatest subconscious fear is realizing my true potential was available to me for years but I let it sit in the corner as a timeout for making me feel inadequate (thinking it was some non-version of me, because I didn't recognize myself.

“You are likely under-imagining what you can become capable of” —Visakan Veerasamy

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." —Marianne Williamson

— — — — —

There’s 10,000+ more words I could write on this topic, but I’ll leave it here for now. (My book “You were built to create cool s**t” comes out December 12th!!)

Thanks for reading my friend, with your extra time you can…


your friend,
jack ♠️ 💙

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