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Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2023

If life had a main purpose that was the same for everyone, life would be quite dull…

Luckily for us life is full of uncertainty, struggle & times of lostness… wait, luckily?

The point of your life is determined by what you make of the world through your own struggles, uncertainty & lostness.

Today I want to dissect what we make of the world: through work & life.

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What the fr*k is going on?

Current conditions of human existence are… less than optimal to say the least

Right now the way we operate in a capitalistic sense is all someone’s interpreted “point of life” or “purpose” the key part being that it’s not your own perception but rather one pushed on to you and the rest of the lost, struggling & uncertain humans.

I’m not meddling with the idea that capitalism is pointless or nonprogressive, I am however meddling with the idea that our current norm of working & living is quite a garbage one & something needs to change.

The point of life to me is not to have a main purpose but to live a better life in general, it seems like something most people can get on board with right? Who doesn’t want to live a better life?

We all want that, but right now it is easier than ever before to lose sight of this.

Money, cars, more money, cool watches, a bigger house, higher prestige in your job, a duty to fulfill your client’s needs and scrub their toilets, a constant urge to be doing something with tangible economic output every second of the day, autopiloting to open tiktok or social media to avoid feeling “bored”…

& The list endlessly goes on with ways society forgets about living their life.


Not that any of the above-mentioned things are forbidden & you should never buy a bigger house or scrub toilets to make some extra money… after all we still do need money to live, hence the whole “making a living” part of having a job.

I’d be lying to you if I said I had it all figured out on the “how to make money & live a better life” — this answer is also an entirely different path for everyone (probably)… but It doesn’t take a genius to realize the current state of this game called life is set up worse than your average garbage shute.

Even with a subpar setup of how we live (mostly regarding the west here), there can be moments of peace & slivers of “happiness”. A note to myself: hold on to these.

Example” Last night I felt at peace with my life in more ways than one, & not because I reached any specific goal or metric, but because I realized that when I woke up the next day the sun would be shining, and I’d be able to walk outside, read some of a book, & write whatever came to the forefront of my brain (this article).

Are you a worker or a liver?

The current state of affairs in work-life balance is far less than sub-par, in the sense that everything must be better & more optimized, you need to be adding something to society or doing something at all times…

All of this mess and jumble today when we are living in the most efficient & abundant state of human existence. Fate & irony fused together as a result of “progress” perhaps.

We can get more done in a short time nowadays than ever before.

So why are people spending more time working now than ever before?

2 weird variables when you put them together.

3 questions for you to answer based on this:
Do you spend more time working than you do living?
Is your form of living really just a form of work?
What do you actually want out of life?

How do you be alive?

Philosophy is often not very practical, but taking this quote and philosophy to heart also stems a new similar question, how do we be alive?

Well, we’re all doing it right now (if you’re reading this before your consciousness is put into a robot)

but more importantly, how do we actually live? : with a fire in our hearts, with passion coursing through our bones…

My answer to this is simple & I mentioned it earlier too, but it requires some introspection & consistent iteration.

My answer: Ask yourself the question “What do I want out of life” — and then
1) work to find out if you actually want it
2) reiterate & inspect what you want out of life
3) enjoy slices of peace & happiness
4) repeat

Finding work that feels like play & simultaneously lights a small fire under me while I work for myself is a crucial part of what I want out of life, but I’ve only realized this through going through the steps above & not leaning into things I didn’t want out of life.

My version of living in an ideal sense will not be the same as yours & contains much more than what I’ve mentioned above, but I can only tell you what I want out of life because I’ve asked myself the question & seen many of my answers through.

That’s all for today, I hope some part of this was helpful for crafting a life you actually want to live… If it was please consider leaving me a reply <3

thanks for reading,

sincerely, your friend,
jack ♠

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