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turning a house into a home


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2023

house to loving home ilight illuminating the new home
house to loving home ilight illuminating the new home

A house is not a home when you first move into it. Similar to buying something used, it is not felt to be yours until some time after. This is because a home consists of small bits of your soul. A home is a place or environment you can reliably feel at peace in. A home is a place, person, or thing that keeps your mind contained amidst all the jumble.

It’s my belief that there are 3 types of houses in your life that you can create into homes. You don’t have to turn all of these housings into homes, but you can. As always, you have a choice.

The three types of housing I’m talking about are to be outlined below.

Before we dive in…

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okay, on with the good stuff now! (this is also a chapter from my book).

1. Your mind

This is the house of your own self, your thoughts, your consciousness. This is where dreams come to be and come to pass, it’s where all of your memories are held. Your mind is the house that must be turned into a home and can really only be done so with the same magic ingredient that turns any other type of house into a home.

The secret ingredient? Love. To love yourself is to nurture in your mind what you want to see more of, to take steps not in a panic or an anxious way, but to accept each step as a move deeper inside your mental housing. To be able to realize that each struggle is also growth: this is realized more so when you put love into the equation.

You can step outside of your own self critic, and see the flowers of your mind. This is how the house of your mind can slowly, over a lifetime, be turned into a home… You may have a different approach to this, that’s fine too.

The main message I only wish to put on display here is that a house must be turned into a home, it does not come pre fitted as such, you must put in the currency of not just money but also energy to get your desired output.

2. Physical housing

Where you live in the physical realm. This is referring to not only your shelter or literal house, but also the people and things that surround you. In the physical realm there are many ways to make a house into a home.

The most important things to consider when turning your physical realm from a house to a home are where you live and who you’re with and what you’re doing.
Although these decisions seem to be largely the three most important for all types of housing, not just in your physical housing.

In order to turn your house into a home the steps are really the same here as the mind.

Time + effort (energy inputted) = your home.

Struggle is a natural part of growth, and therefore to grow into a quaint home you will likely encounter struggle. This is not me trying to be wise, I am only trying to serve as an active reminder agent in your head, so you don’t quit before the growth shows… not that it will always come right away or at all. 


3. Digital housing

This is about your slice of pie on the web, your local website, and/or your digital environment.

Now that I’m writing how to turn a third type of housing into a home I’m seeing that it’s really all the same. If you want to turn your Digital realm to your digital home then you'll need to act with intention, encounter some headaches (struggle) and grow through it all with love.

Same as the last houses to home processes. A digital home however is a much less wandered area in typical research and texts, as it’s only been around for part of even my short lifetime.

The idea of having your own digital environment only really felt like a real concern even to me over the last few years.

In relation to your decision on “what you’re doing” in life, your digital housing matters a whole lot. If you set your digital environment up to have you consuming all day long, you won’t get much joy nor fulfillment from what you’re doing at all, and that can leave you depleted of a ton of important things for life.

If we are to consider other parts of creating a digital home we need to mainly pay attention to how the configuration of our digital realm prospers towards what we want to see more of (and makes us do the work that matters).

If our digital environment is not pushing us to where we want to go or to what we want to see, then we must continue to craft it and curate it. Like the transformation of your mind’s house to a home, this is a long and ongoing process.

Making your home

For all types of homes: Once you make your house into a home you still must maintain it with reasonable effort to keep it this way.

All of making a home is not just a dreadful struggle, rather it is first and foremost a wonderful adventure… you just have to figure out how you can see it in the second lens more than the first.

As I may have mentioned before, a useful ingredient for doing such is love. The human who cannot love is not strong, they are broken, they are the ones who need love the most, even if they run from exactly what they need at every turn. A home is made with love. Your family recipes' secret ingredient? Love. Your optimism for a brighter future is crafted with? Love.

So to repeat myself again: In order to make any housing into a home I think there is always an element of tenderness: of love.

For the mind this is aided by loving oneself. For the physical realm this is aided by being surrounded by people you love. For the digital realm this is aided by the love to craft and curate a welcoming environment for yourself.

Thanks for reading this post, really, thank you,
I hope you have a great day.
Remember to love thyself.
Your friend,
jack ♠️

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