Everything will be okay in the end, right?

this can't be the end because...


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2023

recently i made this meme ⬇️

but honestly, it’s not a meme.

It’s something I believe

as idealistic as it may sound… I believe everything will be okay, in the end.

& today I want to go deeper as to why I believe this, & how the universe doesn’t give a flying frik about what you do, so you can maybe worry less & so I can get my brain’s scrambled thoughts into words.

at the end of the day & at the end of your life: the universe does not give a sh*t what you do & what you derive meaning from.

this is a freeing idea to think about, now you can figure out for yourself what you really want & how you'll go about getting it in life


Just before we dive in, recently I’ve made a free really cool thing which I might as well tell you about.

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This came from me reading 4000 Weeks by Oliver Burkeman this last week & near the end of the book it recommends a best practice to-do list, so I went ahead & followed the Instructions then turned it into a template for myself & for you.

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“it’s not the end of the world”

This is something my mom often said to me growing up when I complained, bickered, or cried about something not going my way.

I always thought “Well I know that… but this sucks!”

It’s been about a decade since I last hear my mom say this to me, but now I can see an even deeper philosophical revolution behind those words.

Revealed already in the meme I made:

“in the end, everything will be okay.
if everything is not okay, then it is not yet the end”

this quote takes my mom’s words to a slightly further understanding for why it really isn’t the end of the world.

Many people may see this quote as too idealistic or privileged, & ill admit: there is truth to those claims.

Nonetheless, today we will be exploring the idealistic & optimistic parts of the idea that “everything is going to be okay”.


how can I be certain that everything will be okay (in the end)

The truth is, the certainty of any future outcome is pretty much non-existent, especially when someone asks you “Will everything be okay?” —

Each & every person’s definition of what “okay” equates to is drastically different, how can you assure someone that they will be okay if you have no idea what they perceive as such?

You can’t!

& honestly, when I say that everything is going to be okay in the end, its less of me being certain, & more of me accepting that no matter what happens I will be okay with it.

yes, the world may explode one day, or be taken over by artificial intelligence the next, but at this very moment, right now when I say that everything will be okay in the end im essentially giving up being worried about things I have little control over. I’m giving up hope that things will go my way & im enabled through my lack of hope to proceed to do the things that will make my life the one I want to live.

So in all honestly, just like I can’t say for certain that tomorrow will be sunny, I can’t know if everything will be okay tomorrow, but I also can’t know when the end is, so I can relax a little bit knowing that by the time everything is not okay, it will be the end anyways & I wouldn’t need to worry about it by that point.

this may all be a little bit far out for some people reading, I know its not entirely practical & mostly philosophical

however, I think that many people can adopt this line of thinking & benefit from it. Or you can adapt parts of what this to your own personal philosophy by trying it for yourself & adapting it to your worldview.

I know all of our worlds are very different, no two people have the same one, so to say that its the end of the world for one person may be true while its not for the other.

My scope is limited & you will be the best to judge for yourself.

The universe doesn’t care

The world has been spinning for quite some time now, & the universe has existed for who really knows how long… millions & billions of, not seconds, but years old.

Knowing this you would think most humans would knock some sense into themselves when they’re worried about how the world will see them in 10 years time.

Of course reputation matters, & im not encouraging anyone to do crooked things that harm others.

What I’m talking about is the vast sea of forgotten dreams & never explored alternate paths that you could occupy.

The hang-up is that people forget how long the universe has been around & the natural feeling that we must accomplish something grand with our finite time here on earth.

The truth is (again) that the universe does not care what you do, it will be forgotten in a snap after you’re gone (or maybe even before) & everyone else is too occupied thinking of themselves they weren’t paying much mind to you to begin with.

This is a freeing thought, & helps us explore the parts of our lives we really want to without dragging with us the fear we ought to be someplace else, doing something else, with someone else.


Tying this last bit back in with the idea that everything will be okay in the end is to recognize the universe’s ongoing state of being, even when you everyone thought everything was doomed.

The universe goes on, the earth spins round, & you can give up your hopes that it will ever be any other way (at least in your lifetime) - so you can enjoy your finite time on earth now.

thank you so much for reading,
from my mom’s basement,
your friend,

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