Everyone is winging it

no one really knows what they’re doing


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Out of the billions of humans that exist, I don’t believe any one of them has it “all figured out”. In addition to no one having it all figured out, I would go as far to say that every single human is in some grandeur capacity: just winging it.

Each and every one of us can make plans, we can craft wonderful visions, we can create things not yet imagined, and we can even out perform extraordinarily bad odds… but this pesky thing remains as a thorn in our side: the unknown. Alternatively the “unknown” is the idea that we have no way of knowing what we do not know, we can only really know the startling reality that we know very little in the grand scheme of things.

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You’re just like Einstein

Einstein didn’t know what he would invent. You could reasonably say he was winging it when it came to the outcomes of his many experiments. This is a great example in the context of creating things especially. You will never know which failure adds the final piece to the puzzle, the one that connects your dots of accumulated knowledge all together… So the only logical approach to do something great with your life is to get up and try: to wing it.

I wasn’t best friends with Einstein but I can also tell you this about him: he lived his life and over time he built routines & rituals that suited him best. If you ponder this for a moment you may also realize that this applies to just about anyone on planet earth. We all know very well that each & every one of us is just winging it.

We just don’t like to think about it too much. Your way of life, to try some stuff and then to try some more stuff as you go to see what works best for you. Well, it’s the same approach for life as all of the greats who came before you. The ones who created the bedrock of civilization we stand on top of today… they too were winging it.


The scary & exciting parts

To wing it is to try without knowing. Today there are infinitely more unknowns then there are knowns: so our only choice is to wing it. This could be a scary thought to think about for you, or an exciting one.

The scary part is that in accepting that everyone is just winging it you also accept that there is no human messiah that has all the answers, meaning your parents, your grandparents, the richest people on earth: they are all just people who have figured some stuff out & are basing their future decisions on what they have come to know through winging it.

They are still winging it as we speak, and just like you: they can’t stop even if they wanted to. It may be scary to think about how everyone is just going with the flow of what they have come to know, but it’s also equally exciting. It’s exciting to know that everyone is just winging it.

If everyone is winging it then it also means that you aren’t the only one who is absolutely lost at times. It’s exciting to know that you aren’t the only lost buffoon around, that there are many others who also have no idea where life will lead them in the end.

Everyone has multiple points in their existence where they had no clue what to do, so what do you do and what’s the only option to do? To wing it! To try something, anything at all: or to do nothing as a form of doing something; even if just to see what happens from inaction.

No matter how the cards play out, bluff about it all you want, you were winging it, as are we all. – because you can’t possibly know, all of which you don’t know.

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