escape the algorithims.

saving yourself from the attention entrapment mechanisms.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: May 23, 2023

a phenomenon about the internet is that one of its oldest features is also the most useful.

What am I talking about? Well you know it well, you’re using it right now likely, or have many times today.

Email. The cockroach of the internet.

In my recent writings, I’ve talked about escaping social media, I’ve talked about escaping the numbers & constant bombardment of analytics…

but what I haven’t mentioned in detail is escaping the algorithms.

Laugh as much as you want but email helps you do this.

Today I want to look into 2 scopes for this escape route: as a creator & then as a consumer.

Escaping as a creator

Creating things on the internet puts you in a tough spot between platform algorithms and owning your own digital leverage.

Yes, you can use the internet to scale your message to hundreds of millions of people, even billions.

But if you have 20,000 subscribers to your messages on YouTube you’ll be lucky to get 1,000 of them shown your new video in their feed.

On top of this, they still have to click YOUR video over an abundance of other videos that are tailored to their eyeballs.

Multiple walls are put up instantly on controlling your reach.

The same type of walls shows up on Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok too.

On one hand, this means the content that gets shown is often the most engaging or interesting piece which can be a good thing, but as a creator, it means you don’t really own your audience.

If you are to say something out of line or go against the terms and conditions of any of these websites, or even just want to switch platforms you’ll be back to near zero.

& then comes in an email to save the day.

Back to the basics, but there is a very lucrative catch that comes with the basics… they hold the most solid fundamentals for control & reach on the internet.

I was creating on the internet for 3 years, and making some good money along the way, but I only recently “saw the light” when it came to how powerful having a simple email list is.


Super fun sidenote for crypto people reading this: I just published my Crypto Creator Course today.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, It has a complete section on a structure for a Written content operating system & turning your crypto passions into something more via Email + video content.

If you want to help to turn your crypto passions into more than just a hobby: then click here, if not & you have no idea what crypto is, keep reading!


The power of email

I built my youtube audience and Twitter both to over 25,000 but on average I get less than 2000 views on youtube and 1000 views on each tweet.

My new email list has an open rate of 40% on average, compared to my YouTube & Twitter at below 10% “open rate” compared to my followers on those platforms.

My email list with 300 subs got more views than some of my recent videos on YouTube where I have 25,000 subs.

People check their email every day, multiple times a day. There are no algorithms suggesting your content to your subscribers, you just press send, and if the title is interesting people who are already interested will likely read your email.

What about SEO & getting views over time? Turn emails into blog posts, and build organic traffic that way.

Email is something everyone uses, more than all social media apps combined.

What do you need to sign up for social media? An email :)

Some more powerful parts of the creator spectrum of email are the following:

  • easiest sponsorship integration possible (copy + paste)

  • easy to generate leads to things you want to sell or just drive any traffic to (people click on links if you give them a reason)

  • people are actually paying attention & will read your content if you make it interesting

  • much easier to keep attention in an email inbox than on social media control your audience, and port your list to anywhere you want.

  • as long as you have your list you have your audience.…

  • & there are even more im missing here.

Escaping as a consumer

It’s not hard to escape social media theoretically as a consumer…

you can delete all the apps or turn your screen to black & white

but you likely need something convenient to fill that void rather than going cold turkey.

reading books is a great way to do so, but guess what…

so is intentionally subscribing to valuable email newsletters.

This path of escaping algorithms that feed your brain with useless junk and keep you hooked can often start with this simple process.

Find authors you like and topics you want to learn about, search for newsletters via Social media or general Google search

Then ditch the apps and default to opening your email and reading higher-value content that’s often turned into books. (That’s what I’m doing with my newsletters)

Im currently working on a free digital piece of content which will be a complete directory for ways to add to help people “live a life worth living”, if you have anything you think is useful (links, resources, ideas that have shifted yourself in a positive direction) — then please leave a reply to this email, I check them all

Now go enjoy your day:

Escape the algorithms, & go create something (now that you’ve read my email of course) 💙

Okay… peace out girl scout.

& boy scouts.

& anyone reading this.

Thank you :)
— your friend jack ♠

Free stuff

here’s a free daily planner you can download, it’s the one I use every day.

okay, bye for real now… 👋

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