dream big & get results

the saying dream big or go home is outdated, here’s my more modern take on dreaming big.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023

dreaming: there is a profound importance in partaking in dreaming or being a dreamer

but rather than in an all-or-nothing state, dreaming in a way that nearly guarantees tangible results

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How to dream big & get results

for example: when I was younger I dreamt of many things & one of those things was to not work a traditional job and make a ton of money: millions of dollars, cool cars, big mansion etc, I dreamt big about taking a different route than most people.

Now, I’ve been persistent on my dreams but they have changed along the way: & if it weren’t for me actually pursuing my dreams I wouldn’t have been able to achieve tangible results in line with them.

I wouldn’t be working for myself right now, and probably wouldn’t have set college in my rear view after 2.5 years of it. (I almost conformed against my dreams here)

Truthfully I probably would have been working a job I didn’t much enjoy and one that was the opposite of my dream when i was just a kid.

I no longer want the Lamborghini or a mansion, I’ve actually turned into someone who’d prefer to live below their means so I can enjoy my time more without worrying about how ill purchase that new shiny thing (I don’t desire the new shiny thing).

In chasing my dreams I’ve discovered what I need & want more of and that has boiled down to having time to do what I love, with people I love, and work on things that fuel my soul.

Now I may not have millions of dollars currently, but I’ve done quite well, and I think the 10-year-old version of me would agree (if I bribed him) (kidding) (kind of) (no I’m kidding) (probably)

The reason this type of dreaming big and getting results in line with your dreams is possible is mainly because of the ways dreams have changed in the age of the internet

Someone may dream big for 1 million subscribers or to be a YouTuber as their means of making an income to live off of, but even if they fall short, if they are dreaming big that’s the only way they will hold results.

I dreamt so big aiming for the moon (Lamborghinis, mansion, etc) but ended up falling short & in love with the stars (Found my ideal path, what I value most, & have achieved results in line with said values, and new dreams)

I believe for the sake of the stars and your life worth living that chasing dreams is not only a great endeavor at face value but especially so when you can come up short and still come out on top in comparison to opting out of being a dreamer.

a practical exercise

Below is a practical exercise if you want to try something that has helped me

Set 3 big goals for yourself in relation to your dream, things that would push you towards said dream.

Next set 3 things (output tasks) you need to DO every day or week that would make those goals a progressive reality — you can change these tasks as needed if you aren’t making progress but set them to try.

Now forget the goals. Focus only on the output tasks. Every month check in on progress to evaluate what you need to change on an output level.

Bonus: add these output tasks to a daily planner to make sure you can check them off, you can use the same planner template I use here (for free)

TLDR Recap

Dream big, pursue dreams actively, and adapt along the way. Dreams may change, but actively chasing them can lead to fulfilling outcomes aligned with personal values. Even if the desired results are not fully achieved, the journey of pursuing dreams is worthwhile and can lead to personal growth and meaningful success toward YOUR life worth living.

Ill end this newsletter here because anything else being added would probably just dilute my main point.

Before you close this email though, think for a few minutes about your dreams, and how falling short of them could quite possibly still benefit your life at large

Leave me a reply with your dreams and answers, I’ll keep it between us, & read every one of them. If you have any questions I’ll reply too.

thanks for reading, sincerely,
-your friend jack ♠️

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