Do your best even if it’s shitty...

Yes, shitty things can be good for you.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Here I am earlier this week: holding a (metaphorical) gun to myself, about to have my book published in exactly one month: I’m yelling at myself to delete it all, “It’s not ready you buffoon! It’s a hunk of junk if it came from that scrap heap you call a brain, delete it all, or I’ll fire!”.

Today I decided to ‘put the gun down’.

I realized that my book was never going to be at a point where it was ready. If I waited for that then It would remain in the drafts like a corpse in a coffin buried 10 feet under; eventually rotting away to nothingness.

So here’s a short blurb on why you should probably publish your book, or do lots of work: even if it’s shitty.

Doing shitty work can be good work

I won’t pretend that all shitty work is a part of eventual good work, but I will say that I think most people are under-imagining how many parts of their shitty work can be a compelling path to good work.

Here’s what I mean:

Your crap work, — the stuff you are ashamed of — much of it, sometimes all of it… is the waste you must shovel through to find small tiny bits of gold.

The top artists, musicians, and writers all have a large stomach for bad work. They have learned that there is plenty of it to be sorted through in order to get to their good work.

“You view it like a dirty tap. When you switch a dirty tap on, it’s gonna flow When you switch on the dirty tap, shit water is going to flow out for a substantial amount of time. Then clean water will start to flow out.

You’re going to write shit songs at the beginning. You are. My songs were terrible. But I got it out of me. The more you write, the better your songs will get.” — Ed Sheeran

Maybe my book really is shitty: honestly, I don’t think it is at all, I went through writing a lot of crappy words to get the 60,000 words I have in there now.

Regardless: I know I need to put it out there, to get feedback, and to be able to clear my dirty tap water at the very least.

I go through the shitty parts so I can get some clean tap water out. I publish my book now when I feel it could still be edited more. I do this because if I never get anything out, then how will I find the golden nuggets stuck behind the clog of wastewater in my pipe?

It’s time to put the gun down. It’s time to unclog the pipe.

. . .

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