Why you should always do your best

Disperse your anxiety and be better


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2024

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋. Today we are going to talk about the grand idea of “doing your best”

+ Why you may actually want to embrace more struggle into your life (weird I know, stick with me though)…

I used to be a lot more anxious than i am today, and the truth is that you can disperse your anxiety by simply living up to your potential. You can do this on any given day, it doesn’t mean you instantly become a deity... it just means you're doing your best, daily; you get better

A quick quote from an old friend: "The future depends on what you do today." – Mahatma Gandhi

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Do your best

Why should you always do your best?

Because to be honest… It's much easier than doing anything else. If you want nice things, juicer fruits, or to live any better than you’re living now; then you’ll need to do better. If you want the best future, then all you can do is to do your best, today. That thought gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, how about you?

It’s a real brain scramble, knowing and accepting that you can quite literally bend the future to your will, today. Don’t underestimate the power in which you hold to bend the future to your will. Act today, do your best today.

If you’re already doing your best each day truthfully, then each day your best will get better and soon your best will be greater than it ever was. Soon your best will become greater than you or anyone else perhaps thought it could ever be. Soon is relative, soon means before later. Don’t get caught too far up in how others best line up with your timeline, that’s not you: that’s them. Just do your damn best and keep swimming. Soon you will be better, perhaps even great. Wouldn't it be great to be better? Yes, I think so. 

I’m not suggesting that anyone must aim to be the best, that is not it at all. What I’m suggesting here is much more loving and peaceful. It’s doing your best, making mistakes, struggling, and then increasing your capabilities in small baby itty bitty ways with each passing day. I’m not asking you to expand your day to 25 hours. What I'm asking is for you to persistently give effort to doing the best you can do, on the things that matter most, to you. Not to me. Not to your neighbor, not to your mom. To you. 

Do your best. Do it for you.

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