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Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2024

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋. today is a short letter, and is an end of book chapter taken from my book “consumption control

You become what you tell yourself you are, so telling yourself nice things daily is quite helpful… here’s what I’ve been telling myself daily for some time now ( it’s made quite a large difference… especially in my willingness to do the work needed).

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Creation log update

Every week I put here a creation log about what I’ve been up to in hopes it inspires you to create more too. Here’s the weekly rundown, feel free to skip!

This month has been a 10x month for me. Last month my app to end doomscrolling made less then $200. 23 days into April and we are at $1900 for this month. Yeah, WOW! I didn’t even know how to code 9 months ago…

anywayssss, go install Curiosity Quench and use it for absolutely free if you haven’t already.

I added free trials, ads, and took away all the mini purchases. I also revamped the main home screen UI and it looks 20x better now and is much easier to use. Plus I did 40 more things but you probably don’t care (let’s be honest).

something I wrote about “success” — not that I’ve “made it” just yet, but i’ve finally caught a big break after a long while:

everything often seems hopeless. like you will never reach this elusive thing called 'success' and then... one month, out of the twelve in a normal year, all the dots seemingly come together. now you're beyond where you were. the event happened overnight, the process took years.

A message to thyself that you can use daily

Believing in yourself is a daily process of proof and pudding. The following message is aimed to help you get your daily dose of pudding, and also to help you act to get the proof too! This is the message I would think my best self (from the future) would give to me if he had to pass along the same single message every day.

Feel free to steal this if you so please, or make your own daily message to read to yourself as a serving reminder that you can be much more than you currently are, if you wish to be.

. . .

Hello my young friend, I hope all is well. If all is not well, then keep going.  Also….

  • You must not fear struggle… For there is no other way to grow. Struggle is a call to grow. And life becomes much more enjoyable when you more frequently accept the call. 

  • Do not forget to love yourself every day. 

  • Take action before a fortnight turns into a fort-year, since you cannot act tomorrow, but only today. 

  • Keep creating cool s**t, and do so more than you consume. 

  • Encourage and love others around you.

  • Stay curious.

 I love you, take care,
– Your old friend.

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