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Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Feb 6, 2024

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋.

If there’s one motto I had to put forward to represent the best way to scroll less on social media it would be this: Creation > Consumption. In other words, create more than you consume.

The truth is you can do all the tricks in the book for curbing social media addiction, but most of these things are just prescriptions.

Yes, they often work! I won’t deny that. But if you really want to be the person who doesn’t feel tempted to scroll then you’ll need an antidote, not a prescription.

Today I’m going to tell you not only the antidote that worked for me, but how to make it work for you too.

Estimated reading time:  6 Minutes 47 Seconds


Creation log update (skip if you want)

It’s been a really productive last few weeks for me! I decided 2 weeks ago that needed to be not just a website, but an actually app on mobile: If I want to help people get off of social media scrolling and onto my app, then it needs to be just as easy to open.

The web version has 3200+ users atm, imagine how much more people Curiosity Quench can help on mobile! (Stop scrolling, start living)

After struggling for a week and then progressing through said struggle: I’ve almost got the entire app recoded in a new programming language I just started learning. Anyways, here’s a video on how it’s looking.

Another notable creation update is that I’m now writing my 2nd book with the open invitation of live feedback. You may or may not know I wrote a book about How you were build to create cool s**t. Well now I’m 25,000 words into my second book “Consumption Control” Which is a direct layup to helping people in line with Curiosity Quench to scroll less.

This book is also heavily connected to todays newsletter issue! Creation > consumption is a big theme in the book and to help guide you to scroll less and live more of your ideal life. The following is mostly taken from my book.

If you want to participate in helping me make the book the best it can be you can buy the live preorder here, or reply to this email letting me know you want to help for a link to the work in progress book doc.

So far we have 5 people working with me to add suggestions, and the book will be that much better because of it (and helpful!).


The Maker Mindset

The only way to “make it” is to be a maker of things, a solver of problems, a producer and creator first and foremost. Wealth from all angles starts with a healthy mind and body putting problems to rest.”

The majority of humans prioritize consumption over creation. Which is fine, our human machine is a functionally working system. But it could be better, right? Absolutely it can. And you can make it better for yourself while making it better for others too. The catch? You will have to switch teams. Right now if you are someone who spends more time consuming than creating then you will have to flip this script in order to join team producer.

“Ok but why is this team so great? I’m not going to leave my team just because you told me too!”

I’m not asking you to switch yet. You don’t have to decide to become someone else, someone who is on a new team, today, or ever. Consume all you want for now, explore either team. Just read this, make your own mind up, and ultimately accept the responsibility that you will lead your own life. I can’t and never will be able to lead it for you. Even if I could, it’s your life: you should be allowed to choose which direction you choose to walk in.

Your parents, family, and friends will always push you where they know the odds are best. Key words: “they know''. If they knew better, they would do better. But they often don’t know any better, so you must make your own choices with that in mind. If you search far and wide for the people who are living a life you would enjoy living, the most commonly shared trait is a maker mindset. Creation > Consumption. Control of your path > Letting someone else take control of your path.

I know… I owe you an explanation. What is the “maker mindset”?  It’s simple (not easy). A maker mindset is one containing core beliefs such as:

  • I must produce/create/make more often than the time I’m spending consuming others' creations in order to make forward progress and or to find more meaning in my existence. (Creation > Consumption)

  • Creation comes in all shapes and sizes: You can create a new pathway, an experience, a thing, a feeling, a vibe. A general rule of thumb: all things exclusive of consumption are mostly creation based forums.

  • The best returns in life come from creating things that help other people. Those who make things are more likely and more capable of solving widespread problems, at scale.

  • It is better to try out a dream, as wild as it may appear, than it is to let it die without ever attempting to give it breath.

  • Failure is the only path to growth; which, in turn, is the only key to progress and desired success. If I fail at first, I must learn, grow, then proceed to do my best.

  • Society pays people who solve problems with IOUs known today as money. The more lives you touch, and the more you positively affect such lives: the more money you will receive. The only way to solve a problem is to offer a solution. 

  • Life is a never ending session of learning, if I want to grow or simply stay where I am I must keep learning. Today's problems are tomorrow's growth, and my lifetime’s progress. The more aware I am, the more I will be prepared to learn. The more I learn, the more aware I can become and the better I will be. Never stop learning. 

  • Everything is hard at first. Don’t give up just because something is hard. Rather: Move on if you determine something is not worthwhile. “It may seem difficult at first, but all things are difficult at first.” –Miyamoto Musashi

  • Problems are opportunities, and opportunities are chances to grow.

  • The process of creation is the greatest fruit one can give to themselves. Positive events that follow are always complimentary to the process.

  • The more time I spend in creation, the happier I become. The opposite of this is true.

A maker mindset is one of selfish selflessness. Choosing to solve problems while enjoying your life more; more money, more fulfillment, and more peace of mind granted from your realized capabilities.

I come bearing great news for you, you can make things, great things. You are a natural born creator. It’s in your blood just as it is to consume. You have now a choice: which part of your natural abilities will you prioritize?

You cannot swallow this pill

Taking this ‘antidote’ is not what you’re used to. You’re likely used to swallowing a pill and having a symptom of your problems solved.

This is different. This is not a solution aiming to use your current human behavior against you. Inheriting a new way of life is not just a pill you can swallow, or something you can buy to magically solve your problems. The best doctor in the world can give you the best advice in the world, but if you don’t follow it… Well, it ain’t worth much.

If you do not change, nothing will change. I’m not asking that you become someone entirely new, I’m only asking if you want to shed your burdens, and if you do: I’m here to tell you that you can. You can shed your burden of overconsumption by replacing it with its predecessor: Creation.

Become a maker, a creator, a producer. Inject this worldview into your bloodstream and make it your own. If you want to. The choice is up to you, my friend.

Take care,
Your friend,
jack ♠️

Friendly sidenote: All of the things that I create are ever expanding, by the nature of writing this it will be outdated as I learn and grow more frequently than I can update this writing. This is my best attempt, tomorrow my best will be better.

Whenever you're up for it, there are 3 ways I can help you:

You Were Built To Create Cool S**t : Click to start, or don’t… (book on creation)

Curiosity Quench: Destroy your scroll addiction— and get on a roll with the stuff that actually matters. (app to help you find work that feels like play)

Consumption Control: Learn how to control your consumption tendencies and get on a roll with the stuff that actually matters. (book on getting off the scroll)

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