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Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Oct 7, 2023

creator finding themselves in creation
creator finding themselves in creation

If you end up creating a lot of things then it is only natural you will find out a lot about yourself.

The more you find out about yourself, or rather the deeper you are involved with your own spirit, the more in tune you will be with a sense of love for life, a love for tomorrow.

This isn’t always the case every day, or in every person. However there is a sense of progress granted to those doing things to dive further into themselves, and that's what a large part of creating things is to me.

Let’s dive deeper into this all.. into creating things to find thyself….

Some things I’m working on [creating]

Before we dive too deep I just want to share with people who read my emails 3 big projects I am working on right now: incase any of them peak your interest and you want to learn with me.

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ok now, on with it! the deep stuff 🙂 let’s find thyself.

Doing the “work” to find thyself: gaining experience

Let’s take an example such as losing weight.

Everyone wants to lose weight, or be healthier, but how many people will get started? Neverminded how many people will keep going, but how many people will just get started?

Sure, you may set a new years resolution and create a plan, then you fall off: but you started at the very least. Most people don’t even get that far.

They may do nothing at all, and they will not find themselves in this state of doing something, they just won't. (unless it’s in introspective thought, which is in turn doing something) The best hope for someone who hasn’t even tried is for them to try.

Where on the other hand: someone who tried and failed has infinitely more data to work with and introspect about, they have a notch on the scale, a pebble in the pond, equity in their own mind. They have created something here in making an attempt, they have created for themselves: experience!

And what better way to find yourself than through experience? That’s really what a large part of any creation process is. It’s someone doing something and that gives them that experience.

You can create experiences that are probably not as valuable as another or enjoyable, but each time you do something or put in effort on something, you are in the process of making a worthy benchmark of yourself for your mind to be able to extrapolate from.

This is incredibly useful especially if you take time to think about the hard questions life brings like: What do you want out of life? What don’t you want out of life? Who do you want to be? Why do you want these things? – These types of questions are a lot easier to answer if you have created things, done things, and added more experience to yourself.

This is not to say you need to try everything, it’s only to say that effort is valuable, and shouldn’t be completely disregarded when progress is non-existent or even recursive.

The above spiral of thoughts I just laid out comes from a previous thought that is as follows. Everyone wants to lose weight, no one wants to do the work. Similar to this is: Everyone wants to find work that feels like play to them, but no one wants to do the work required to find it.

Finding my play (that looks like work to others)

Finding work that feels like play takes considerable concentrated effort over a long period of [persistent] time, maybe even a lifetime. Or rather: finding the games in life you want to play forever, and finding a way to play them forever… These are modern battles of the typical human.

These battles take a lot of attention, a lot of hard introspection, lengthy concentration on your own thoughts (or a concentration to get rid of your thoughts all together.)

Most of us can’t stand to be in our own heads. Like when someone reminds you that you have to breathe and makes you self conscious about breathing (sorry), the same is held for when someone reminds you that you have thoughts running through your head and you can’t stop them (most of us can’t at least), you cannot help but feel agitated, you open up your phone and start scrolling to avoid the prison you’ve created inside.

You do not want to face your demons, even if they were created by your own mind, your beautiful mind with so much wonder yet to be explored.

It’s no wonder why easy quick hits of endless short video clips or social media likes overtake a fellow human's curiosity and drive, it feels like things are being learned, the search is going on for what ones heart desires, it doesn’t require you to face any of the ugly thoughts you have in your head, but the delusion is only apparent when you step away to see all of the progress you feel is on the cusp is really you being stuck on a hamster wheel.

Real progress is high energy, real progress is hard, but progress is also one of the greatest treasures this world has to offer us, so it would seem important to make some of it, would it not?

I want to fix this progress void, I'm trying to fix it for others. Will I be able to? I have no idea. I haven’t tried enough nor have I thought about it for long enough. Interestingly enough, in my attempts so far trying to make something that can break such a vicious cycle, I have learned a lot about myself.

I have learned things I might never have known about my motivations, my inner thirsts, things that were locked behind the walls of the monster I now seek to defeat.

Starting to do stuff

The only reason I’ve been able to learn more about myself?

Well it’s because I started doing stuff. Trying things and learning things relevant to this mission, and I’ve come to see many parts of how the world may work in new ways.

Somehow I’ve ended up being more receptive to understanding how our brains work, why we do the things we do, and how one locks themselves up, how I lock myself up, as a prisoner while simultaneously being the jailor.

This all comes from me creating things, doing things if you will. I have learned so much, made a tiny bit of progress, and am excited to continue my quest.

This is something I try not to take for granted, that I have the ability to go through this process of creation, of doing stuff. You have it too, you can reach progress, no matter how little, it will feel good.

Progress though, unlike cheaply earned dopamine, is lasting, it’s a reputation builder with yourself, and it implies that you did some stuff. Progress implies that you created something outside of yourself using your self, and that’s exactly the point of what us humans were built to do is it not? To make progress, to create something that was not yet existing until we came along.

As you go through this you will find your own meanings for work, for making progress, you will find yourself in the rubble of failure and the valor of victory, and that too, is what it’s all about: the process, the process which is a parent to progression.

// This is a chapter from my book, i know it’s a little mushy, and it’s a little all over the place. I’ve contemplated cutting it out but I’m going to leave it here and hope it shines some light into a single person’s soul. After all, this is part of my process, to tell you how I wanted to get rid of this and then you can tell me how silly I am, or how I should have, or reflect on yourself that maybe you should just go do some stuff and stop caring what other people think. That’s all, for now.

thank you so much for reading my friend,
have a splendid day,
your friend,
jack ♠️

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