Can you afford your dream life?

Inhabit who you want to be, today.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jan 2, 2024

hey friend happy new year! from me: jack 👋. Today we’re talking about Affordability, not your typical “I wish housing/groceries/living was more affordable”, but rather the affordability of your ideal life. Your dreams. A perfect start for the new year I'd say.

Can you afford your ideal lifestyle now? Why, why not?

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Creation log update

Lately I’ve been working every day on my app (curiosity quench) to destroy people’s tiktok scrolling addictions and help them find what they are interested about.

We recently passed 600+ users signed up and have now generated thousands of quench plans to help people take action more and scroll less.

If you’re someone who signed up and are now seeing this, then please consider replying with any and all feedback on:

1) What you like about the app the most?
2) What you would like to see the app have?
3) What are some changes to the app you think would help you the most?

On another creation note: I’ve been writing my 2nd book, “Consumption Control” (title pending) and this weeks issue is a Chapter from that.

Finally, at the time of writing this, my 1st book has been taken off of Amazon and my amazon publishing account has been terminated. I am now in the process of appealing it, we will see how it goes. I posted about it on twitter too.

Money has been very low and the termination means I lose my pending royalties too ($150). If you are interested in buying my book “You Were Built To Create Cool S**t”, you can still get the eBook here.

Affording your dreams

“Today I'm going to focus fully like I did yesterday, I can't afford distractions any more. I just can't.” -me, to myself, in my journal, yesterday.

Consistently in a human’s life there comes a time when one’s back is against the wall. We’re out of money, or faith in ourselves; sometimes both. Finally, we must pull ourselves together. We must be better than we ever were today, and we must embody the parts of ourselves that we kept telling ourselves we would but never did. 

As I write, my back is against the wall. Right now I am in a timed session to write, after this I have another 4 hours of work I need to fully focus on with no distractions. If a distraction snags me, or I open my phone because my brain wants those feel good chemicals: then I’ve lost, I’ve been defeated. I have some grandeur goals, I have people who will be depending on me, If I want A, or B, and most importantly: if I want both, then I need to be the best version of myself that I’ve ever been.

So I’ve decided while writing a book about consumption control that I can no longer afford consumptive distractions in working hours. I can get 3 days work done in 1 if we put consumptive distractions out of play vs in play.

There is still inside of me this little monster that wants some candy, or some dopamine from my phone seeing people like my post. There is still a little monster who tries to foil my plans. But I can no longer afford to let him in. I have come face to face with my own reality. My dreams cannot afford to entertain this little monster any longer.

This method may not be for all. It’s all about finding what works best for you. This is why I have so many things to not only write about, but also attempt to implement in my own application. This method of “I have no other choice but to stop my self destruction” is one of survival. In my case it’s survival of my dreams. In your case it may be survival of something else.

When one’s back is put up against a wall, or one is simply sick and tired or being sick and tired: one will have a desire to change for the better. For themselves to be better means their life can be better. For someone who doesn’t like where things are going or where they are now: the only path forward is to evolve.

When you cannot afford to be distracted, you won’t be. For me it took outside factors and some failures to convince me that I can no longer afford to be distracted from where I want to go and who I want to be. So one way to go about bringing your focus completely together is to simply convince yourself that you can’t afford not to. 

// I came to these conclusions after I had my back against the wall. The wall in my instance was that I was working all hours and not giving enough time to the many important things and people outside of my work.

In this scenario, I mapped out what my perfect day would be and found that If I could work with absolute focus from 8AM to 1PM then I could get the same amount of work, or more, done that I usually get done in a day. All the while I can also have intentional time away to read, to think more clearly, to spend with my partner, to exercise, and to ensure I get plenty of sleep each and every night. 

If I want to pursue my dreams and have a real chance at helping people, all the while retaining my well being and fostering continuing love with my partner, then I can no longer afford distractions. This means things like: No email or social media for the first 6 hours of wakeup (basically no phone).

I must be extremely devoted, boringly so at times, if I want to afford my dreams, and if I want to afford all that life has to offer me (my dreams, eternal love, etc. etc.).

This is what the affordability of consumption looks like for me, it has come to the time where I cannot afford to be mindless in my ventures, I just can’t.

I've determined, I can however, afford consumption still: but the key here being I make it my intention to consume and then I do so, which always for me, comes after I have deeply worked on my dreams.

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