Buying $9 sunscreen with a smile

what is your health worth?


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2023

In the last 5 years of my life, I’ve seen sunscreen go from $5 all the way to $9 per bottle.

I scoffed at spending $5 on sunscreen before & all the way to $9 I thought to myself “This is ridiculous!”

Today though my extremely burnt back (now peeling with dead skin) has a new insight to the price of heath.

So here’s why you should be glad to buy $9 sunscreen & why I’ll be doing so with a smile for the rest of my life.

Nothing else matterssss (when you’re sick)

Life could be going swimmingly, or on the contrary: your life could be hard, maybe even downright miserable. No matter how your life is going it doesn’t take too much for it to be flipped on its head when your health comes to be threatened.

The stomach flu, a rash you can’t stop itching, an ongoing headache you can’t shake, low blood sugar, disease draining your energy, sunburn not allowing you to get any sleep or causing “hells itch” (more on that in this article) — the list is near infinite for any health issue that may come up and make you realize how good you had it before said issue.

because nothing else matters if you're health is not well, getting better is the only goal at that time, everything else seems so trivial it's almost laughable.

"A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one." - Confucius

That’s the main gist behind my message today, now below you’ll find more on why sunscreen is not a trivial purchase but an important one I won’t be skipping any longer for my life.


Buy the $9 sunscreen (& put it on too)

If you don’t know already, there is this little thing called "Hell's Itch" — Which is basically a deep, painful, throbbing, itch that happens on one’s back & shoulders a few days after a sunburn. There’s also normal itch from sunburns but, hell’s itch is the next unbearable level.

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy would be an understatement.

Many people describe hell’s itch as if 1000 angry fire ants were crawling under their skin poking and prodding about

A few days ago I had the pleasure of being able to accurately agree with the many people describing hell’s itch this way. It was not fun & It sucked away from all other areas of my life’s energy.

Im super pale so I’m even more at risk of this, & if you aren’t convinced to put on your sunscreen still then here are some more things that could turn your life on its head for enough time for you to wish you put on the damn sunscreen.

Shields against UV radiation, preventing burns and damage.
Reduces skin cancer risk, including melanoma.
Fights premature aging, wrinkles, and spots.
Minimizes sunburn discomfort. (Hell’s itch is a bitch)

I hope me telling you about my experience makes you wearier to skip sunscreen, because yes it can ruin your week & yes it can induce sunstroke which makes your stomach go wild & yes you can find this out the hard way like me, or you can just buy the $9 sunscreen now & not worry about being in any sun caused pain or discomfort.

I’m stubborn & like double-checking things for myself, so long as it doesn’t kill me: but this lesson came at a cost of many days of very less than optimal bodily function & health.

A sick man really does just want one thing.

I am now thinking a lot more about what I have to be grateful for than i am worrying about the $9 I’ll have to pay for sunscreen.

Update: I went out to the store & bought some $9 sunscreen (with a smile)


short one, that’s all for today,

thank you for reading,

your friend jack ♠️ 

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