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Yes, you can.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2024

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋. Today we are going to talk about the process of becoming someone else, & perhaps: becoming a non-scroller (if that’s what you want)

The main content today is taken directly from my book in progress: consumption control. — If you want to help me make the book better, give me suggestions or feedback on this newsletter! (Or just tell me what parts you liked most) 🫂

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Creation log update

This week has been a struggle building the mobile app version for Curiosity Quench (the app I’m making to help people scroll less) — First off, I got stuck for 4 days on trying to make the app do anything but crash on the test release version (for iOS and for Android).

I used my girlfriends mac to get the error logs and 3 days and 30+ hours later I finally fixed the issue. I really thought for some time this week that I couldn’t fix this issue, it felt hopeless. But I kept trying anyways!

Now? The app is in review for iOS and should be live in the app store hoping apple approves it first time around!! Android will take 2 weeks or more since they now require you to run a test with 20 people for 14 days before you can submit to the app store publicly.

Once it’s live I’ll make the website landing page have links to the app stores. You can check here for that.

I’ve been mainly working on CQ and creating something to help people with my other creations now (my book and social media campaign to end doom scrolling). We’ve been reaching more people with the daily youtube vids too.

I’m going to keep putting in the hours every day, hoping others feel inspired to create some cool s**t, or take action on their interests along the way.


Becoming someone else

To become someone else does not mean to leave yourself behind in a cloud of what used to be.

To become someone else means to shed your burdens and forgive yourself for the past transgressions that you’ve made against yourself; just as you would forgive a close friend. You must let yourself be free to become someone beyond your current burdens.

Life will not get any easier, you must simply become better. Good news: Yes, you can!

In order to become someone else, and ideally: someone better, someone without as many burdens. We must undergo an internal shift. This shift is sometimes grown gradually and leaped off of like a cliff… Other times the shift is like one of those drop towers that you always see at amusement parks: A quick up and even quicker down, back to a new reality. In both realms there is a come up, and a come to (moment).

To undergo a positive shift in your brain there are a lot of things that are in play. A lot is an understatement; there are infinite things in play! This is the reason why this book may help someone in the first chapters, and it may help someone else in only the last half. 

We all have different thoughts, these thoughts are based on our different experiences, which are based on our different reactions and perceptions of our past thoughts, past experiences and past relationships with others past and present thoughts and experiences. It’s a lot, I know. I’m confused too, don’t worry (kidding, kind of).

Now, how do you become someone better? Someone who has control of their consumptive habits? How do you undergo a positive change? Well the first question before we go any further is knowing where you want to go.

If you don’t know where you want to go then you likely won’t be going anywhere you want to go. It’s simple, really simple (like most things). It’s okay if this is a hard question to answer right now, you don’t need to figure all of life out in one day, no one figures it all out in one day (truthfully no one ever figures it all out, those who say they do come in two forms of people known as liars and fools). “Figuring it out” is not an event, it’s a process.

Your attention has been stolen in many forms of consumption: That video you watched last night that grinded your gears has you on edge with your spouse; you guys just can’t agree if you should/ shouldn’t wash your air fryer. The lady on the internet said you don’t need to after all. Simple things permeate in your brain and take up all of your mental bandwidth. It’s no wonder most humans in today’s age feel overwhelmed: They have left only the last squirt in a ketchup bottle’s worth of bandwidth for themselves. 

Watch any T.V. show attentively and see how the next week is filled with brain clouds referencing that very show. Your bandwidth is being taken up, we need to free up some space.

In order to become someone who can shed the burden of a capped out bandwidth you must first want to become said person. You will not progress in any direction you do not want to progress. The thing about wants is they are like a bundle of tangled up shoelaces floating around in our heads. You have this one gray and dull shoelace that wants to wake up feeling good and well rested… Then you have this other, more sexy, hot pink shoelace that wants to stay up consuming media for just a few more minutes. 

Figuring your s**t out

How do you shed your burden(s) – the hot pink shoelace – and become someone else? You have to swap the shoe laces you are putting in your shoes. Where do you want to go? You must put in those laces first, give your hot pink laces some rest.

Do you get what I’m saying? Yes? No? Maybe so? Either way: here are some questions that would be highly beneficial to write out your thoughts to. 

Don’t want to write? That’s fine! Close the door, find a quiet place, stare at a wall: and just think for 5 minutes about some answers.

Yes your brain will be a mess, it will be chaos up there. Sitting with our chaos is the only way to see it for what it really is. It’s us. Calm the chaos by feeling for answers to hard questions. There is no wrong way to do this: ask questions, seek answers, seek questions, ask for answers, etc. Just take the time to let yourself get lost in your thoughts…

Questions to figure out who you may want to become: (Answer whichever ones grab you most, or don’t, it’s up to you: you are free.)

What do I want out of life?

How would I define finding success in my own life?

Is the path I’m on now one I chose for myself, or one that someone else put me on? Explain.

What is the very first step I can take to get on a path to realizing what I want out of life, today?

Are the actions I take and habits I have today treasonous to what I want out of life and where I want to go? Explain.

What do I
really want out of life?

Remember: Your answers are not permanent and the only way to find the best answer is to sort through the wrong answers first. Once you have some answers on what you really want: put in your most favorable pair of laces, and get going!


For reference, I will share with you some of my answers in a brief manner, if you want you can read them below. These answers probably change yearly in some way, nothing is set in stone (except for that one rock that has carved into it: “nothing is set in stone”).

What do I want out of life?: Control of my time, a loving family, meaningful work: A healthy body and mind.

How would I define finding success in my own life?: Daily progress in a direction of my own choosing.

Is the path I’m on now one I chose for myself, or one that someone else put me on? Explain: Yes, the path I am on now is a result of finding my own way, against the advice of many others who would have not to endure my decisions or live my life. 

What is the very first step I can take to get on a path to realizing what I want out of life, today? I am already on the path. The only step for me now is to continue learning and putting in daily focused effort towards where I want to go (in order stay on the path).

Are the actions I take and habits I have today treasonous to what I want out of life and where I want to go? Explain. A very small percentage of the actions I take and habits I have now are treasonous to what I want out of life. So yes, some still are: The important part here is that I am doing my best and my best keeps getting better. 

What do I really want out of life? Control of my time, a loving family, meaningful work: A healthy body and mind (same as before!).

Have you some answers for yourself now? To one of the above questions? Ok now put in those laces, and get going!

Can you get going? Can you keep going?

Yes, you can.

That’s all now.

Sent with love from your friend,
jack ♠️

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