A lack of courage could kill you early...

Overcome it, life is for LIVING!


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2023

hey friend, it’s your friend: jack 👋.

I used to be the shy kid who did only what they were told. Used to be. That was until I gained some more of this thing called: Courage.

I realized that life is for living, not hiding and a lack of courage could kill your soul 30 years before your body is buried.

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Creation log update I’ve been working a lot on making my tiktok destroyer app, it’s going good: bashed my head against the wall but learned a lot about coding myself this week.

My book came out last week, my first ever book, some people actually bought it too 🥹🥹🥹🥹. If that was you, thank you so much. Feel free to message me any Qs, always.

Courage helps you be less scared, and more joyous.

There are many people on this earth who simply need more courage. I really want to help those people.

Courage to take a leap into the void. Courage to try something bold, knowing it may very well not work out… I've been the kid scared of his own shadow, now i want to help:

I am aiming to help people build up enough courage to live their life as they wish rather than to wonder "what if" and keep going with whatever default path their family/friends/environment throws at them. Being a persistently scared & anxious human is! not! fun!

How to be more courageous

1st: Build up self esteem, and self confidence.

Someone's inner battles are the only thing that's stopped them thus far, so building up one's esteem is actually a critical mass. You can accomplish this in many ways, here's a few:

- encourage people to test the limits of what they are capable of (do and overcome hard things)

- celebrate small wins and all wins with said people

- encourage people a lot: a small nudge makes all the difference

I'd also love to hear of more ways anyone has about helping others build their own self confidence to realize some of their unrealized capabilities... reply to this!

Creating more courage (literally)

2nd way to gain more courage: Create more than you consume: Educate yourself! Learn! Experiment! – Oops, all of this comes back to way #1 honestly, which is to build your own self esteem – Oops, all of this is really just saying "expand your imagination for what is possible".

Okay, but how do we expand our imagination? Now we're back on track, we must CREATE things! Yes, consuming is also helpful for creating things, but do too much consumption and you'll fall into decay. You won't want to come out of your cave to play; to create something.

Curiosity is a big player in this game too, if you want to create things a great starting point is to ask questions and seek answers inline with what interests you most. What most interests you, aside from money or fame, is almost always your curiosities.

Baby steps can lead to outsized returns of courage

As I said: I've been the small human with no courage, lined up to go wherever my environment took me.

In college I went through a major transformation and changed my body: I lost 60 lbs. from 220 to 160... this was the moment I started to gain real momentum for my courage. It only took many baby steps really: tracked my calories, went to gym 2-3 times a week, found out I loved skipping rope. Then came the results…

This is when I finally realized some portion of my capabilities beyond my old imagination. This snowballed into me leaping out of college > trying my own thing > making it work (quite well!) within 2 years. Then, this gave me the courage to quit while I was ahead to start again from zero ($$ wise only, lots of courage still).

Had I not done something beyond my own imagined capabilities (losing a lot of weight, being healthier) then I would have been scared shitless to take any risks.

The best friend of courage is encouragement

Courage made all the difference to crafting the life I want to live, and it's a daily undertaking to keep going. Which is why there is another bottleneck too: encouragement! See below tweet.

I'm even writing a book about encouragement, as I'm aiming to spread a message about how helpful it is to genuinely encourage others. Just 1% more encouragement even would make tsunami sized waves in the future of our earth: yes, really, and I'm likely under-imagining too.

If you have anything to say about how encouragement has helped you or not helped you on your journey so far: then please send me a message via email: jack@frikit.net or on twitter @jackfriks

That’s all for today, thanks for reading,

- your friend,
jack ♠️

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