a daily planner changed my life

planning your day is easier & more effective than you think to make massive progress in your life.


Written by jack friks

Last Updated: May 16, 2023

“oh look another guy telling me I need to put in extra effort just to live my day-to-day”

This may be what you’re thinking right now if you got past the title & decided to read further anyways.

Or maybe you actually want to discover the profound benefits that I’ve found using a daily planner adds to life…

Maybe you want to know how a daily planner solved all my life problems, made life an effortless breeze, & cured my pet pig back into full curly-tailed health

Well, a daily planner is not going to solve all of your problems as you have already guessed.

It CAN, however, make you a more efficient, fulfilled & progress-making human.

That’s what a daily planner has done for me over the last 2 months & I think it’s worth sharing so you can test it for yourself.


& of course, before you get into the bulk of things, I’ve gone ahead & made a free daily planner template for you to download.

Start planning your day in a few clicks: Click here to get your daily planner template.

You can use this template, use any notes app, or even paper & pen for taking action on the content that follows.

Now, onto more of the good stuff.


How to plan your day

There are a multitude of benefits to planning your day (which are listed in the next section)

You might think that any of these benefits require a great deal of effort, but truthfully: they don’t.

Yes, it requires some more effort than not planning your day, but planning your day is simple & not very hard at all.

A low-cost investment of effort that yields a large amount of benefits, sounds pretty good right?

Ok ok, here’s how:

Open a notes app, (or download my free daily planner notion template)

I could break this down into 10 steps (I wrote 5 & erased them all from this article) but truthfully it’s not that complicated. It’s very simple.

Now: Write down all the tasks of things you're going to do, want to do, and need to do for the day, + when you’re going to do them.

That’s it. You can use a planner template like mine but most important is finding a way to track your day that works for you.

it’s easy to do this the night before or the morning of.

Make it a habit by having a daily reminder, or put your planner in the scope of your digital environment: keep a tab open with the planner template (this reminds you to fill it in)


The benefits of planning your day

Accomplish more each day & make more progress on things that are a priority to youMore focus throughout the dayLess time spent doing mindless thingsLess worry throughout the day that you’re missing something (you can check your task list when in doubt!)Wake up excited to tackle the dayReduced stress (less likely to feel overwhelmed and more in control of your day)Better decision-making (Seeing what you have on your plate lets you evaluate if you should add more)Improved sleep (less late-night cramming of tasks I’ve been procrastinating on)Better creative output (less time spent thinking of “what “ you need to do next & more time to dream about “how” you can do what’s next.


When to NOT plan your day

It doesn’t always make sense to plan your day.

If you’re on vacation or going to spend a weekend with loved ones having a plan for your day can keep you closed off to doing things you may actually enjoy.

I don’t plan my days when they don’t need a plan, rather I keep 1 main task for those days I want to accomplish in mind & stick to that as my “plan” for the day.

The main task I’ve set to achieve every day this month is to write for at least 1 hour.

Last month this was reading for 10 minutes, the month before it was creating a youtube video each day, every month Im essentially building up habits. I then go ahead & add these by default to my daily plan.


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